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General Discussion > The King is dead...... > View Post
man was that guy a "man's man" in his time...what a stud!

what an amazing career he had and what he did for the game of golf...WOW!!

General Discussion > It has been years... > View Post
Good to be back boys!!  thanks for the update...

the GD used to be the place to be and there was always 8-10 topics on any given day being discussed and active...I guess times change!!

hopefully everyone is making some $$ and staying out of trouble!

General Discussion > It has been years... > View Post
maybe 6 or 7 years since I have been on and contributed to some discussions... I was never a huge member of this community when it came to posting, but always read and had a feel for what was going on...

General Discussion seems to be a little slow... has this been going on for a while now or am I just seeing things??

General Discussion > Netflix Tip - The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret.... > View Post
I am a fan of Todd...what a great show!!

General Discussion > Golfers Dilemma > View Post
I like it

Movies & Television > Vegas > View Post
I like it...will give it more episodes...

General Discussion > Maui Vacation Advice > View Post
The trip of 3000 miles starts with a stupid open ended question...


General Discussion > Maui Vacation Advice > View Post
make sure you use airport code OGG

General Discussion > Are these sportstrackers worth investment > View Post

Send me the $$ and ill win you one extra game per month.

General Discussion > Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has died at the age of 82 > View Post
Fly beyond the stars Neil...

General Discussion > Officer Kono Kalakaua > View Post
Dude...BMA you are amazing!!

Keep up the good work!!

General Discussion > I'm a degenarate and I'm dam proud > View Post
I too enjoyed my first beer...

General Discussion > Can you do this? > View Post
this game is terrible...I like is so much

General Discussion > Lebron's Email Hacked > View Post
That is pretty good!!!

General Discussion > Jennifer Anniston 1997 Friends > View Post

Thanks Boys!!

General Discussion > Courtroom suicide > View Post
why would I want to watch a guy take his own life?  that is just terrible.

General Discussion > Water babe Jessica Biel > View Post
Thank you!!  

General Discussion > Fuck Facebook in the face! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by TheFootball77:
after this---if you continue to use facebook careless--youre truly a douchebag

Yep you are so right...I get most of my news from "The Onion"

Thank you for this

General Discussion > This might not be breaking news from Vegas but... > View Post
Really...7 Straight?

Got to adjust my system

General Discussion > Drinking and Driving > View Post
Good Man!!

Movies & Television > Anyone watch community? > View Post
I am a fan...very clever and funny indeed!!

General Discussion > Post the TOP places to eat wings in your area > View Post
Just outside Minneapolis in Hopkins is a place called The Lone Spur...

Best wings I have had

General Discussion > kyrie irving poses as old man and joins pick up game... > View Post
that was indeed great!!!

General Discussion > Bad, Bad Joke....You've Been Warned! > View Post

Not as horrible as you made it out to be...

it has a grade school innocence to it...and that is neat

General Discussion > what would you do > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by spicedup:
hutch, DJ, jv all are thinking way too much stupidness, worrying about stupid unrealistic stuff, you wasting your time thinking about this shit But if you are under 20 years old I understand...your stories sound like coming from a 15 year old

What a joke of people here!

Thanks for the imput...ill try to gain a sense of humor with my responses in the future.  Thanks for setting me straight...

General Discussion > what would you do > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by HutchEmAll:
I'd like my chances.  I have a 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun, a .270 rifle, a .22 rifle, a .380, a 9 mm, and I'm buying a .38 special.  I also have all the fishing gear I would need along with fishing and hunting clothes.  Have a snowmobile and a 4 wheeler.  

I have actually thought about buying 20 acres of land with a simple cabin in northern MN.  Still not ready to pull the trigger.  

I'd need some help with wild edibles and planting/harvesting my own food, but the other part would not be a problem.  

Spend 10 days in the boundary waters in northern MN and you'll figure out what you are made of.  

I like Hutches Chances with his Arsenal...

myself on the other hand...Id be F#$#*d.  I have a flat screen, nice set of golf clubs, 6 month supply of ProV1's and a boat. 

I could just drive to out to the middle of the lake and start yelling "come and get me"  then start hitting stinger 3 irons at those on the beach that want to hurt me...

my odds are improving...

but i forgot to grab my spikes in the hurry to get to my boat and safety...and I am a guy that plays a cut and the wind would be from my left...

hard to get it close to the mean people

I am F$%##d

General Discussion > Quote for the Today: > View Post

General Discussion > ANYTHING worse than Solo Golfers trying to join your group?!?!?! > View Post
Dont Play Public golf courses

I am an idiot.

General Discussion > Ventriloquist without a Dummy > View Post

Movies & Television > what are the dopest characters ever created in movies? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Jaysvdubwhat:
Matt Damon > Jason Bourne

how did we all over look this one for so long...

nice pull
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