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Pro Basketball > Washington at Boston (05/15/2017) > View Post

Over seems to be the play, but I'm riding the Under.  Game 7 & the nerves will show just like Game 6, IMO.  These teams know each other too well after playing 10 games vs each other.  The Home team has won all 10 games & it shouldn't change for the 11th, but will they cover the 5.  I don't see it.  

Pro Basketball > Indiana at Charlotte (11/02/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by pacesetterpicks:
 Pacers will handle 6.5 ez ...
Agreed.  It'll take a bit to get them used to each other.  I also think MKG will go all out tonite, but it won't be enough.  Toronto gave them a run, but a 2nd game will give Indy their legs. 

Pro Basketball > Indiana at Toronto (10/31/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by cwaise:
Pacers are 5-17 ATS the last 22 in Granger, no more Collison, improved Raptors squad.

No Brazillian Blur either.  I'm staying away.

Pro Basketball > Oklahoma City at San Antonio (05/29/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Whalewatcher:

You think POP (coach of the season) is satisfied with with his squads execution? "Just play the same as last game guys"

LMFAO! GL with that bro!

Bulletin Board Material at best if you call that an adjustment?  No coach is satisfied until they're hoisting the trophy in the air, Smart Guy.  What are you talking about with this "satisfied" mess?Coaches don't adjust until they lose, plain & simple.  You watchin' too many press conferences & believing what they say.  They'll play the same way they've played until OKC wins.

Pro Basketball > Oklahoma City at San Antonio (05/29/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by morgan102:
Teams make adjustments all the in the NBA,WIN OR LOSE.
Don't agree, sorry. There's no way I adjust anything until you can prove to me that you can beat me.  "In-Game Adjustments" occur all the time. .DUH!!!  
[Quote:]The spotlight is to big for this young,gifted team,they still lose fourth quarters vs four star teams. 
Really, they're 6-4 in 4th qtrs & the 3 losses were by a point or two. They were only outplayed this last game in the 4th.  And I don't agree that they're to young to win.  

Pro Basketball > Oklahoma City at San Antonio (05/29/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by morgan102:

San Antonio played its worse game of the playoffs at home in the first three quarters and still won.Say its rust or what ever,but pop will make adjustments and the Spurs win in a close one.

So with that logic, is it OK to say, the Thunder lost that game more than SA won it?   If so, don't agree at all.  Never heard of teams making a adjustment after a win.  Outside them not turning the ball over, what other adjustments do they need?

OKC & under for me.  Stop Ginobili & OKC would've been up 1-0.  No way Ginobili comes off the screens the way he did on Sunday. 

Pro Basketball > Boston at Miami (05/28/2012) > View Post
I'm still trying to figure out who's going to guard D-Wade?  If Bradley was there, I'd be on the 8 all day, but Ray Allen?.  KG is the only healthy one out of the Allen & Pierce & he's hurtin' as well.  Whatever they're going to take to get their bodies ready for this game, I'd like to buy a couple of cases.  The way Wade & Bron are playing right now & with KG, Ray, & Pierce all hurting, it's hard to pass up the 8.  Bradley would be starting if he was available & Ray would come off the bench.

I'm on the OVR as well.  I see MIA getting to the Century Mark. And if they get there, Boston should be somewhere in range.

College Basketball > Harvard at Fordham (01/03/2012) > View Post
I like Harvard as well.  St Joes gave them a scare on Saturday which should put 'em back on track against a weaker opponent.

College Football > Nevada/Southern Mississippi in game thread > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by getrdonrite7:
Easily. . Had S. Miss -7.5.  No way that was a 1st down.  Oh well.  . .

College Football > Nevada/Southern Mississippi in game thread > View Post
Is it me or do the S. Miss players want to send Larry Fedora out with a Loss??  This team is so freakin' out of sync, it's hard to not think something is up with this game. . .

College Basketball > Colorado St. at Duke (12/07/2011) > View Post
Yeah, I suspect the same thing.  They have to hungry to play right now & CSU will be the victim

College Basketball > Arkansas St. at Austin Peay (12/05/2011) > View Post
This line is dumb funny.  Why on earth is this 0-9 team favored & by 4pts?  And the line is climbing?  Really don't understand this one. . .

College Basketball > Brown at Providence (12/05/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by billbob:
y is the spread so low brown played iowa and got 15 shouldnt it b atleast 15 or more im just sayn and the spread has never been this low in this series plus brown got ran out the gym against iowa really

My guess would be an in-state rivalry game. . 

College Basketball > Washington at Nevada (12/02/2011) > View Post
UNR has two players, Burton & Story.  Stop those two & it's a blowout.

UW -4.5

College Basketball > Vanderbilt at Louisville (12/02/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by tirepressure20:
It might be close early, and if the Vandy team that played Xavier tough shows up, they cover. I doubt that happens, and the Louisville defense prevails and play inspired at home and they pull away midway through the second half.

Louisville -8
That's what I'm banking on, the team that showed up against Xavier.  The "Vandy first game on the road" factor came into play as well, but I'm leaning more towards L'Ville's injuries & they find the open man in Rick Pitino's zone defense.

College Basketball > Iona at Canisius (12/02/2011) > View Post
3rd leading scorer on the team won't be playing tonite. .  

Iona -14 for me. . 

College Basketball > St. John's at Kentucky (12/01/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by NoBetNoWin:

St. John's hangs around (down by 10-15)

St John's +23.

Care to share one nugget as to why they'll stick around?  They haven't done a thing to make me believe they'll be under the number & this is there first road game.

College Basketball > Creighton at San Diego St. (11/30/2011) > View Post
Creighton hasn't played a decent team this season.  No way they win in SD.  That's not an easy arena to road win in.  SDSU continues to roll. . 

SDSU -3 

College Basketball > UNLV at UC Santa Barbara (11/30/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ShowtimeVegas23:
Not a trap game. UC has beaten UNLV the last 2 times they have played. UNLV will be ready to go tonight.


It's actually been the last 3 times they've played.  But I'm on board as well.  What I saw on Saturday was unbelievable.  I don't think they shoot the lights out like Saturday, but I think they continue to shoot well.  My reasoning is they've always shot poorly in the Orleans arena whenever they've played there.  Although it's 5 miles from the campus, they always had problems shooting from the outside.  Mike Moser will be the key since we haven't had a player that could possibly be a lottery pick when his career is done @ UNLV in many many years. . .

UNLV -2.5

College Basketball > Wisconsin at North Carolina (11/30/2011) > View Post
Taking the points.  I was @ the game & UNLV wanted it more that night.  With them being @ home & coming off an upsetting lost, Roy Williams has enough film to get these boys back on track. There has been some talk since the game about Kendall Marshall's defense, I'm pretty sure he wants to put those critics to rest tonite. .

UNC -7 

College Basketball > Arizona at New Mexico St. (11/29/2011) > View Post
On board as well.  Their standout PG, Momo Jones, transferred to Iona & they haven't been the same ever since.  Very young team.


College Basketball > UNLV at North Carolina (11/26/2011) > View Post
Eat & breathe basketball especially UNLV since I live in LV.  No way
they hang with UNC.  Our bigmen are outmatched & we don't shoot the
ball consistently from the outside to even stick close to that
number. I'm all over the 8 . .

College Football > Houston at Tulane (11/10/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by drcomer:
1) Keenum already has his exclamation point this season

2) it doesn't matter, he's not winning the Heisman, just a fact

3) he can sit the second half this game and still put up ridiculous stats

Nothing about Tulane. . . .

College Football > Houston at Tulane (11/10/2011) > View Post
It all boils down to Houston's scoring because UAB & Tulane have been trash the entire season for C-USA. They haven't let up on the gas against any weak opponent & I don't see anything changing tonite.  The only thing that factors for me is the "DOME".  Are they capable of putting up those points inside.  Outside of that, you'd have to convince me that Tulane can keep it close.

HOUSTON -35    

Pro Football > Baltimore at Pittsburgh (11/06/2011) > View Post
Flacco's suspect.  Didn't realize how bad of a QB he is until the Monday night Jackonsville Game.  These teams are to familiar with each other.  It's hard to bet against the under when these two teams play.  And @ss whoopin' they put on Pittsburgh out the gates won't happen again.  Tomlin will have them ready for this one. 

Pitt -3/Under  

Pro Football > Green Bay at San Diego (11/06/2011) > View Post
After 3 road games, home cooking is all they need.  However, SD has a ton of injuries.  Can Rivers keep it close & turn it into a shootout?  The cheese heads will represent well @ tomorrow's game.  Wouldn't surprise me if it feels like a home game for them in the World's Most Beautiful City.  


Pro Football > New York at New England (11/06/2011) > View Post
There's some pretty good points in this thread.  When it comes to the PATS, I usually bet them or not bet at all.  I can see Eli picking apart this defense as the Pats are 2nd to last in total defense in front of Indy & last in the league in Pass Defense.   The Giants defense is no better & Brady is the QB.  My lean is definitely for the OVER, due to the atrocious defense these teams have.


Pro Football > Chicago at Philadelphia (11/07/2011) > View Post
Eagles for me.  Yeah, Philly hasn't figured out their run defense as it's still a work in progress.  I do believe Vick finally figures out the Cover 2 & this isn't the same Chicago Defense we see dominating the past couple of years.  If you can get Philly @ 7.5, buy the hook. 

Philly -7.5(buy the hook)  

Pro Football > Denver at Oakland (11/06/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by U-Z:
McFadden down, new qb and wr but they are going against Tebow, say no more. Oakland minus whatever on this one, Tebow is clueless and ineffective. Its only a matter of time before he disappears into the woodwork backing up a backup
Amen to that!!!! Well the UNDER is falling like no tomorrow so I'm staying away.  However, TEBOW in the BLACK HOLE???  Oakland's defense is gonna have a field day with this guy.  a TD's a gift.  I wonder if John Fox is gonna run that Florida QB draw plays again.  To me, he's on the verge of losing this locker room if not already. . 

Raiders -7

Pro Football > San Francisco at Washington (11/06/2011) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ewillie169:
SF -3.5 (.5u) - a fishy line calls for a low bet. The niners should dominate on both sides of the ball. The skins injuries and QB problems point to a theory.  So why is Vegas begging tus to bet SF?  hmmmm?  Forty-Niners 24 - Redskins 14.
I think the low spread due to the travel & game time, but that's just me. However, I do think the line is definitely suspect.  Wash offense stinks, they'r defense is sucks again the run.  As I would like to SF, I can't seem to figure this one out as I think it should be at least a TD spread
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