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QUOTE Originally Posted by slyspy700:

Gambling is due to the need to feed the greed

The tower of power that comes from money

The joy of excess

You only live once. Make the most of it.

Most importantly, if you gamble - make it count.

I hope you preach this same thing to your kids in front of your family..or would that be too shameful for you?

We all feel that gambling is wrong..even when we win sometimes...why?

Inst gambling the same as risking your money on a roll of a gun barrel.  You just point, pull, and pray the bullet's not in your chamber, but in the poor sucker's chamber who you think is less deserving than you are.

Gambling for money is about the money.  There is a rush when you win or lose, but when you go home to sleep at night, you know the main purpose of your gambling is to win money-- so don't try to lie to me and yourself with "do it for entertainment" shit.

It's wrong because getting any money unearned is money undeserved.  Maybe that's the problem with one of your premises necessary to admit gambling is wrong. or is that you don't think at all?

Getting money unearned leads to it's own destruction. We can't all live satisfying lives in a community where everyone gambles like we have, do, or will do. 

All that said- willpower is an amazing virture that i'm working on mastering.  Knowing the right thing is the first step, doing the right thing is the final step. 

if you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel

you get 666

if you add up all the magnets under the wheel

you get fixed game

have fun losing
hahaah i hope you are- it will make you smarter at whatever it is you do.

if you're bored taking #2's, try reading the parts written in red- make you wise man if you try to understand the parables.

maybe i'll catch you again in a few months. take care

good to see you crowkillers.

do you believe in the Bible yet?
that was too close..

Linesmakers know Steelers Superbowls
QUOTE Originally Posted by yuice20:
better defense, better run game, more experienced QB just to name a few

says who?
There is nothing; absolutely NOTHING that can make me think the steelers can win this sunday.

Packers will win. 

Out of the 7 superbowls Pitt has been in.

They were favored in the 6 they won, and a dawg in the one they lost.

How can you bet Pitt?? Honestly how?
QUOTE Originally Posted by BurningPlanet26:
McNabb's colony sucks.

lol yup.

Vick was the dominant Queen Bee of the Eagles who are too good a team for a weak old washed up Queen Bee Mcnabb
Listen to my wisdom


They would cutting  their own fingers off.


Edwards has the right to a trial.


For the JETS to convict him and hand him a punishment would highly influence the ineviatble court ruling against Edward's favor.


The JETS are not judges of the US law

The JETS are not criminal investigators

and The JETS have no morale right or authority to hand down punishment for their player's actions.


I say he should start because he is the best WR they have.

but if he must not start, then 2nd play he goes in.




QUOTE Originally Posted by Messier-11:
winning gamblers can easily be addicts. Its not just money you're gambling, but also the time you wasted playing poker or watching an ivy league basketball game when you could've been doing something productive.


name one


making money is something productive


this is too simple.



you're addicted to gambling when you start losing..and trying to get back your losses you lose more.


never heard of a winning gambler called an addict, have you?

QUOTE Originally Posted by ironlionzion722:
I'll start by saying i go on covers everyday and have always enjoyed reading as well as offering my drunk and sober insights.  I'm as far from depressed ad you can be, I am blessed with a beautful wife, a comfortable living, a daughter who adores me, and no chemical or emotional dependancies.  So why have I had this jaded feeling building inside of me?  And how many of you feel the same way?.....I have a feeling more than will admit it

You posted this because you wanted to be judged for the better.

your insecurity of being defined as "depressed" is pouring out of your post

the lack of intellectual conversations with your beautiful wife and daughter who loves you,
has got you feeling like there might be something missing.

I suggest spending more time with close ones and encouraging conversation, nothing else.

and being sad does not mean you're sick..its a lie, but no time for that now.

QUOTE Originally Posted by ASkinsFanInDixi:


You my friend are a TOOL!!!





why should he keep the truth hidden?

what if you can text while never taking your eyes off the road while maintaining a proper grip of the steering wheel,
does that make it ok?
Time to evolve the way sports are ruled and judged

The cameras never miss a thing.
It's time to have the refs up in the box watching games from different angles on video and off the field.

Germany vs England perfect example.. the only ones who didn't call the goal were the ones who mattered,
if you had a guy ruling from video, he could have taken a few seconds to make the right call.

sad you can't see past pictures

you probably can't see past people's images either?  just a wild guess
of course people evolve.

we are very smart creatures.

we invent many good things.

when we use these good smart inventions, we are evolving.
As technology advances, so does the ease of making bets.

World Cup Soccer games are seeing more action on games than EVER BEFORE.

Internet has provided Americans with many off shore possibilities.

These refs have been making strange calls....I wonder if they would crack for a couple hundred thousand?
be honest.

You flunked up

obviously you have a type of gambling problem

you lost sense of the value for money
almost thinking its monopoly money

Please let me make affordable payments

I'm sorry it will never happen again

I promise..

QUOTE Originally Posted by Hugh_Jorgan:

Amazing the mindset of so many on this site.

With all due respect, I am of the opinion that one should be accountable. Pay your bills. Don't spend what you don't have. Stop gambling.

Speak to someone at BofA, or the collection agency, and work out a payment schedule with a FIXED, REASONABLE, INTEREST RATE. Yes, they will do that.   

Bankruptcy laws were written to help those in dire need who were put into their current situations by reasons completely out of their control. Unfortunately, as with many laws that are there to protect, they are abused by way too many.

Are you guys so naive that you think BofA takes the hit if this guy goes chapter 11? For those who encourage others to run from their debt through bankruptcy, you should lose your right to complain about bank fee's, high CC interest rates, and other such taxes and fees. If he doesn't pay his bills ... those of us who do pay our own will end up paying his also.

wise words from a one-point-of-view man

Those credit crawlers make their bread and butter off uneducated young people

They are the scum of scum. Treat scum as scum deserves

bankruptcy has it's flaws, and it is not the easy way out.

True this man dug his own ditch,
but the heartless creditors softened the soil and provided the best shovel around.

Bankruptcy is made for innocent mistakes as such,
we can only hope he will be wiser after his experiences.


F. Them

They can't do anything unless they directly serve the papers to you,

and it's more of a scare tactic then anything else, trust me.

best scenario for you, I would think is BANKRUPTCY.

It will screw your credit for a bit, but you can get it back up there with secured loans and credit cards.

  cool Johnny        View

Men needing a woman


A woman needing a man?



My thoughts are that in the past, women were forced to be very dependent on a man.

Since women's rights movements, it has been evolving into less-needy women...

here are the facts:

In the past, women needed a man for sexual pleasure--

now they have these

In the past, women needed a man to make children--

now they have sperm banks..

In the past, women needed a man for money--

today they are making just as much as men


What about someone to support women during hard time  pregnancy?

Today they have assisted reproduction technology to grow the baby in a tube..



Would love some insight


the boardwalk in Atlantic City
the boardwalk in Atlantic City
what turtle from entourage said is not only cool, but it is a fact.

Once you take it to the most minimum level of holding hands in an intimate way, it has just gone from neighbor-neighbor things to husband-wife stuff!

As far as letting my girl go to a sexual threats house to watch a movie, why not?  I trust her, and that is what makes our relationship special.  If she ends up being unfaithful then we know it's a mistake to be committed to one-another.    bbut dos yoyu got willpower son/"?

do the math


If shes sickly desperate to tap into the garbage pile and risk jail for sex,


how  many nasty shitballs has traveled her course ?   

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