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08/11/11BetDSI done?dubbies10
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07/13/11The one and only MLB System!!!Maglio504
07/06/11Morrison's New NFL system revealed!KongKiller273
06/22/11Roulette Systemtomsan7376125
06/15/11Bodio's MLB Tue 06/14bodio89
06/13/11Kreatture's Playbook 2011kreatture1504
06/11/11Oakland Pathetics . . . is today, t...GiLmo57424
06/06/11*** Sunday's Bases - 5 Plays on the...LasVegasLord177
06/05/11*** Saturday's Plays - 4 Plays On t...LasVegasLord339
06/05/11To Tail, Or Not To Tail?KeyElement27
06/01/11*** Tuesday's Plays - 5 Plays on th...LasVegasLord261
05/31/11As A Retired Navy Seal - I Respect ...LasVegasLord358
05/30/11An Official Message from Covers Reg...Freedom@Stake148
05/30/11***Sunday's Bases - 4 Plays On the ...LasVegasLord259
05/27/11 My feelings on this Covers website...LRM70472
05/27/11Why are so many people hiding behin...LRM70413
05/27/11I need help, I don't know If I can ...HotShotPicks6
05/26/11I guess now's as good a time to ask...oiupdfs11
05/25/11I Just Feel Sick!dixonbets43
05/24/11Bodio's MLB Mon 05/23bodio106
05/23/11SBR is in bed with Bookmaker/Diamon...papagunnz9
05/23/11Da BULL$$$$bodio75
05/22/11Bodio's MLB Sun 05/22bodio39
05/22/11Bodio's MLB Sat 05/21bodio60
05/21/11Bodio's MLB Fri 05/20bodio68
05/20/11Bodio's MLB Thur 05/19bodio58
05/19/11Bodio's MLB Wed 05/18bodio77
05/19/11Taj-mahal drops a HAMMER o...bodio110
05/18/11Bulls and Mavs for the title???? =)papagunnz1
05/18/11Bodio's MLB Tue 05/17bodio57
05/17/11A very interesting statistic...YungMoolah17
05/13/11Vegas baby, VEGAS! ~ Bodi...bodio78
05/09/11Everyone on Dallas :).. lets go LAK...LakeShowTime63
05/09/11Get the BROOMS out!bodio62
05/08/11Bodio's MLB Sun 05/08bodio49
05/08/11It's the BIG SHAMROCK time...bodio77
05/07/11WTF?!?! Dallas Mavericks only 74% ...bodio180
05/07/11LAKERS SUCK HEAT SUCK THUN...showtime081121
05/06/11Bodio's MLB Thur 05/05bodio100
05/05/11Gotta love me some 'revenge'!bodio115
05/05/11Bodio's MLB Wed 05/04bodio67
05/04/11Zigging and Zaggingbodio123
05/04/11Bodio's MLB Tue 05/03bodio79
05/01/11Bodio's UFC 129 Sat 04/30bodio78
04/30/11Bodio's MLB Fri 04/29bodio104
04/28/11Destroy the Books! *Double your Ba...dj_destroyer1011
04/28/11Bodio's MLB Thur 04/21bodio124
04/27/11Bodio's MLB Tue 04/26bodio107
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