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12/24/14Three Dog Night TuesdayLeRinkRat26
12/23/14<<< Tuesday In Games >>>LeRinkRat110
12/23/14detroit -325panabetting4
12/23/14wake up wings hart315
12/22/14***In Games***Degenerate69118
12/21/14*** SAT. INGAMES ***badlands104
12/21/14Of course kings lose when I get the...Tanttii7
12/20/14<<< Friday In Games >>>LeRinkRat79
12/18/1412-18-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman25
12/18/14Wednesday playJochem76
12/17/14Wednesday Pucks28
12/15/14NJ 2-0 Degenerate698
12/09/1412-9-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman24
12/09/14Monday Line, Leans, Injuries and In...LeRinkRat12
12/08/1412-8-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman25
12/07/14 12-7-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman25
12/06/14Friday Lines, Leans, Injuries and S...LeRinkRat9
12/06/14Friday "in games"wheaty 39
12/05/1412-5-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman18
12/05/14<<< Thursday In Games >>>LeRinkRat239
12/04/1412-4-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman30
12/03/1412-3-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman25
12/01/1412-1-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman30
12/01/14Monday Nite Game InfoRLeith357
12/01/14I'm not capping any other games thi...lil_b_swag47
11/30/14no julius Thomas, aquib talib, mont...8
11/30/14Tonight's game is setting up beautf...TheSource2Win15
11/30/14Broncos at Chiefs , what stats are ...hart313
11/30/14Julius Thomas status ?hart315
11/28/1411-27\28-14 Hockey thread, picks an...Lippsman31
11/27/1411-26-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman33
11/25/1411-25-14 Hockey thread, picks and a...Lippsman24
11/07/1411-7-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman33
11/07/1411-6-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman40
11/06/14East vs West -- Blind BettingRobG157
11/05/1411-5-14 Hockey thread, picks and a ...Lippsman30
11/04/1411-4-14 Hockey thread, picks and st...Lippsman27
11/03/14Monday Nite Game InfoRLeith3515
11/03/14NFL Week 9PapaShango28
11/02/14NFL THURSDAYJJsLocks12
10/30/14Newton without 5 starters in his of...hart315
10/30/14saints injuries updatehart311
10/29/14Wed playsNHcoverking13
10/27/14Wash -Dall Game InfoRLeith3521
10/24/14Fri playsNHcoverking6
10/24/14Anybody on Carolina tonight ?hart314
10/23/14- + - + - IN GAMES - + - +...HookEmHorns22133
10/20/14Monday Nite Game InfoRLeith3523
10/19/14NFL Week 7PapaShango30
10/18/1410-17-14 Hockey thread, picks, info...Lippsman50
10/17/14Wild at ducks your Picks ?hart311
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