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05/28/17i have 6 months to liveLineMover296
03/19/17$50,000 bet between Teddy and The P...theprez1984
11/11/16Lines are UP for Teddy and Prez' $5...theprez432
03/28/15Mark Teixeira is an Oriolejpero78
10/04/13Teams that won by DD first meeting ...BandosWB234
09/13/135dimes doesnt like to pay.twenty2043
08/18/13Please stop with the 5Dimes hating!grannybettor38
08/13/13Flat betting in Baseball....vanzack347
08/13/13Main difference between Thegreek an...BarryJ7
10/20/12week 8 with a big bet / top 10 team...biggiantkiller85
07/19/12There's a good chance Cliff Lee wil...MrBator466
12/20/11The 5-Dime Enigmaglenndef629
12/11/11NCAA SaturdayTRoe1552
12/08/11Why do they go from 63 games on Wed...TRAIN6926
11/18/11January Hoopsnropp111309
11/17/11Wednesday Hoopsnropp1169
11/04/11Week 8 Thoughts....RJSizzle173
11/02/11Week 8 MoneyWahooS120
11/01/11*** NCAA Football Week 9 ***Boom_Boom328
10/31/11MSU vs. Nebraskasparty44463
10/28/11week 9 winners lolbiggiantkiller26
10/25/11Mich St - Wisky discussionsparty444164
10/23/11**** NCAA WEEK 8**** Over...TRAIN69142
10/22/11Any reason for the Cal / Utah line ...vanzack28
10/08/11Week 6 Large MoneyWahooS234
10/08/11Week 5Stuckey18
09/11/11Games Im on week 2 NCAAF....vanzack77
09/10/11gcnmooThe Garfather4
08/09/11Bodio's MLB Mon 08/08bodio83
07/08/11Bodio's MLB Thur 07/07 (Pi...bodio102
06/27/11 Plan for the Chicago Cubs going fo...Gilberto25
06/22/11Bodio's MLB Tue 06/21bodio172
06/07/11You cannot be considered a serious ...kingme110
06/03/11Bodio's MLB Wed 06/01bodio101
05/31/11I don't get the Cleveland/Toronto l...Stuckey39
05/30/11Cubs/Dbacks O/UStuckey18
05/26/11Bodio's MLB Thur 05/26bodio78
05/26/11RA DICKEY YOU RETARDvinnydevitz13
05/24/11Bodio's MLB Mon 05/23bodio106
05/20/11Bodio's MLB Thur 05/19bodio58
05/19/11Everyone on the Bulls side calm dow...dcmc34f29
05/08/11bookmaker withdrawlsjerdog40
05/06/11Bodio's MLB Thur 05/05bodio100
04/30/11Bodio's MLB Fri 04/29bodio104
04/29/11Bodio's MLB Thur 04/28bodio84
04/26/11BetJamaica SarahJPhilli28
04/26/11Bodio's MLB Mon 04/25bodio48
04/24/11Bodio's MLB Sat 04/23bodio56
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