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02/10/15Oil workers go on Strike,don juan12
11/30/14So what happened to Iraq? I thought...wallstreetcappers113
11/29/14Happy Thanksgiving to all the corpo...cd32944
11/29/14This is worse then the latest spy p...cd32914
11/25/14Mitt Romney and John McCain on immi...I_Need_A_Detox30
11/15/14Jonathan Grubercanovsp29
11/06/14Do you think Motorcycles riders sho...bowlslit84
11/02/14Boston weather - crap5
10/30/14***Macwesties Wed. Oct. 29...Macwestie133
10/23/14First Post at Covers: Need some boo...Lockmasterr7
10/16/14Midterm Election Race Odds34
09/26/14Historic announcement for HolderClubDirt20
09/24/14Three Afghan Soldiers in U.S. for T...zelo1239
09/14/14Midterm Elections and Impending Warrick311752
09/06/14SHAME ON YOU OFFICER DARRE...TheGoldenGoose151
08/30/14Mayor: Adult Illegal Alien...zelo12310
08/18/14Bad science to prove global warming...Raiders2210
08/09/14Scratch off tickets. JEFFMARKETCAP17
08/08/14I'm getting a pedicure this weekendmr_bollox39
07/23/14Anyone ever consider a travel job?Cappernicking25
07/13/14LeBron returns homeCMJohnson154
07/06/14Child dead after being left in hot ...TheGoldenGoose54
07/01/14Remember when Covers was awesome?TRAIN69101
06/29/14American High Schoolers Kick Russia...Randisist4
06/28/14IRS scandal Emailsrick311771
06/23/14Legal Question Concerning the Washi...canovsp31
06/21/14Americans are buying more Fords, GM...don juan31
06/19/14Chuck Todd on Obama Poll Numbers: P...zelo12318
06/17/14Obama prisoner exchange for Bergdah...MoneySRH79
06/13/14Next POTUS is Rand Paul... and Hill...SportsFan9698122
06/13/14I listen to this guy Michael Savage...don juan154
06/13/14DAVE BRATCrusher1323
06/12/14Why isnt Obama being impeached?TRAIN6928
06/11/14VA Care = ObamacareCrusher1329
06/10/14Absolutely Brilliant!!!Randisist2
06/10/14Obama Submits To Taliban, Allows Pr...zelo12327
06/09/14Donald SterlingShadowWarrior10
06/06/14Pelosi Not Concerned. Are You ? Cal...1129ken28
06/03/14Thousands of New Jobs AND Lower Ele...Randisist9
06/02/14 50 senators send a letter to NFL, ...don juan48
06/01/14Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226388
05/28/14Santa barbara tragedy50
05/23/14Mark Cuban Racist or Just The Trut...BigChris5140
05/23/14Money Talks on CNBCCMJohnson177
05/21/14I LOVE these typesHutchEmAll22
05/20/14The Man CaveCrashdavis56534
05/13/1410-team parlayTheDrizzle7738
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