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04/24/14Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226373
04/24/14Great job by Obama, if he does itClubDirt18
04/21/14American wins Boston Marathon!HutchEmAll13
04/21/14Next POTUS is Rand Paul... and Hill...SportsFan969860
04/18/14Money Talks on CNBCCMJohnson165
04/17/14I like Philly tonight8
03/25/14The War on Women continues17
02/03/14besides where you are right now....Messier-1140
01/31/14Biden is hilarousStiln15
01/26/14Biggest threat to America is the po...jebroni15
01/21/14Obama on POTMLMaster26
01/20/14Who wins Marijuana Bowl?2
01/19/14San FranIrish_1420
01/18/14Extending Unemployment Benefitsmr_bollox25
01/17/14Obamacare disaster comedy...TILTOLOGIC10
01/13/14I'm saddened to hear about Chris Ch...don juan60
12/23/13phil robertson of duck dynsasty sus...schwartzbewithu38
12/23/13What is affordable about the Afford...bowlslit35
12/19/13Obamacare signups surpass 1 millionAStefani15
12/11/13Prescription meds6
12/05/13Happy Thanksgiving to all the corpo...cd32942
12/05/13Abolish the TSAStiln4
12/05/13Uncle O you can stay2
12/03/13I CAN NOT WINjmeff6644
12/02/13Looking at getting a new TV...DiGiT24
12/02/13Could you heckle A President while ...Randisist48
12/01/13Predictions on Christie vs Hillary ...canovsp51
11/28/13If you can get past the rightwing h...ClubDirt24
11/28/13Iran, world powers reach historic n...Villemure3017
11/24/13This Picture Tells The Whole Story ...AlphaandOmega27
11/23/13NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg - Jacka...TheGoldenGoose21
11/17/13One year from now, say next Thanksg...don juan26
11/15/13Obama getting unfairly bashedMikeMed21
11/13/13Finding BigfootTheGoldenGoose18
11/13/13Initial Obamacare enrollment estima...MikeMed7
11/13/13Biden / Clinton 2016 Can it be stop...TheGoldenGoose19
11/06/13i'm a convicted felon...TacoBellaire164
11/02/13Report: Obama administration knew m...Daddy_Freddie53
11/01/13Fat PeopleCrashdavis56587
10/31/13Just a reminder that all games are ...chilitokid1
10/31/13Last year the Bruins sucked in a B-...chilitokid7
10/29/13good to see the White House has agr...Villemure303
10/29/13The Lottery14
10/28/13Do I middle?Zman5523
10/27/13What the F**K is he expected to do?CMJohnson143
10/27/13my check engine light came onmr_bollox35
10/26/13Government Shutdown Fallout34
10/25/13Where do we go from here ?Saint92112
10/25/13boston r going to get swept from no...bogaty13
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