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10/06/15CCL Week 8 brio1982 vs billyloco lcpa36
10/06/15$100,000 is mine. ballsofsteel101
10/06/15WHO IS #1 IN THE NCAAF CON...billyloco8
10/06/15CCL Week 9 GSwitch03 vs billyloco lcpa35
10/06/15Detroit at Seattle (10/05/2015)Covers66
10/06/15Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler12688
10/05/15CPL NEWS AND WEEKLY STANDI...jimc0911104
10/05/15WHO'S #1 IN THE NCAAF CONT...billyloco1
10/05/15Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013180
10/02/15Friday Soccer Oct 2 -- Woohoo -- It...Disbarred11
10/02/15Friday Oct 2franz55510
10/02/15my soccer, mlb, guesses for 10/02/1...billyloco5
10/02/15FRI OCT 2nd PicksDiamondJack11
10/02/15Friday 10/2PeterBlack9
10/01/15BOOKMAKER.COM IS THE WORST...destadurro30
10/01/15NO one will ever win this !!!Classof78300
10/01/15icpa .. ready to roll baby!!!!!billyloco3
10/01/15BILLYLOCO PLEASE READ!!!jimc09116
09/26/15Musings, Markers, Madcaps, Plays an...miffer10
09/26/15URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL REGU...jimc091155
09/26/15Saturday August 15franz55515
09/25/15CPL AND CCL MEMBERS: IMPOR...jimc091118
09/19/15CPL MATCH WEEK 6 BILLYLOCO...jimc091118
09/12/15CPL MATCH WEEK 5 BILLYLOCO...jimc091115
09/12/15FRIDAY 10/04/13p_66229
09/12/15SUNDAY 10/06/13p_66235
09/12/15PART DEUXp_66229
09/12/15FRI/SAT/SUN 9/11-12-13PeterBlack7
09/12/15Saturday picks ! Sept 12thantoc6
09/12/15Miffer's rather large card for the ...miffer7
09/12/15SATURDAY 06/29/13p_66231
09/12/15TUESDAY 07/16/13p_66234
09/12/15FRIDAY 07/19/13p_66230
09/12/15WEDNESDAY 09/18/13p_66241
09/12/15SATURDAY 12/28/13p_66230
09/12/15SUNDAY 01/26/14p_66229
09/12/15THURSDAY 05/23/13p_66103
09/12/15TUESDAY 05/21/13p_66116
09/12/15MONDAY 05/20/13p_66230
09/12/15SATURDAY 03/23/13p_66230
09/12/15For Profit Plays 5/23 ThursdayGambleForProfit18
09/12/15Happy's action Wednesday happyshine8
09/12/15CPL Season 9 Round 15 Standings & S...DiamondJack17
09/12/15CPL Season 9 Round 18 BigGameBubba ...DiamondJack24
09/12/15CPL Season 9 Round 2 Standings & St...DiamondJack29
09/12/15CPL 7 Round 9 Stats/Totals/Odds/New...DiamondJack51
09/12/15CPL 7 CHAMPIONSHIP BigGame...DiamondJack53
09/12/15***WORLD CUP 2014 Betting ...DiamondJack711
09/12/15CPL MATCH WEEK 2 BILLYLOCO...jimc091116
09/12/15CPL MATCH WEEK 1 SCOREBOAR...jimc091127
09/12/15Thursday May 23rd PlaysDiamondJack18
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