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08/30/14Week 1amd189
08/30/14NCAA wk 1MEGALOCKS157
08/30/14NCAA WEEK 1 *** The Man.Th...TRAIN69273
08/30/14***Ten Things For the 2014 Season**...Boom_Boom88
08/30/14The recreational wagers week 1tiasman29
08/30/14nostradamus week 1nostradamus12122
08/30/14NCAA Week 1TRoe1545
08/30/14Chung Hot Friday 8/29!chungnuoc41
08/30/14NCAAF FRIDAYJJsLocks11
08/29/14***Macwesties Fri. Aug. 29...Macwestie144
08/29/14Utah St to Upset TN?????getem47421
08/29/14Montana @ Wyomingbigvern101314
08/29/14S.E.C. PICKS WEEK 1CarterSECpicks30
08/29/143 for week one , total talk to nc1capper10
08/29/14Adding Another Game to My Card - Ol...Ducks_Homer16
08/29/14lay 1000 on this week 1...MarkDogg201413
08/28/14There's just WAAAY too many goons p...KiefferJDs129
08/28/14Thursday college footsScottyb7415
08/28/14SOUTH CAROLINA V. TEX A&Mjbles8820
08/28/14week 1 tideman33
08/28/14Best site to bet on?orechia9
08/28/14Eating Chalk Week Onejmw5922
08/28/14Arkansas vs Auburnadamjmcdaniel37
08/27/14Biggest blowout in week 1?knasty00719
08/27/14$$$*** Abilene Christian @...DAVIDN39
08/27/14TONIGHT'S COLLEGE FOOTBALL...texanone7
08/27/14BC/Umass PhuckFilly4125
08/27/14Abilene Christian vs Georgia StateGtimeButler15
08/26/14CFB Week 1 PhuckFilly4123
08/26/14A&M, WVU, Boise, Okie St, ...droyder18
08/26/14Regular Season wins - Florida State...composite9
08/25/14SEC TEAM WINS OVER/UNDERrlm3865411
08/24/14Just one 1H Play for me TodayDucks_Homer5
08/23/14Florida is the easiest bet of week ...ckattar830
08/23/14NCAAF CONTEST 2014 Callin...Curry-Goat75
08/23/14Baylor -33 vs SMU Week 134
08/22/14Is boom boom still on site????Mkablo21
08/21/14I have a few inside info on Alabama...playboy3748
08/21/14TOP 40 POINT SPREAD RATING...DoubleUp4Life35
08/20/14Clemson Injury this afternoon?ECU8
08/19/14Braxton Miller injureditalian93kid12
08/17/14Spurrier starts with the head gamesECU7
08/17/14Early Play #3MrManning23
08/16/14My bookie allows8
08/16/14WEEK 1 IS HERE!jbles8814
08/15/144 key Notre Dame players kicked off...strippersnbens5
08/15/14tout in the houseThe_BigDog2
08/15/14Less Than 2 Weeks2
08/14/14your one AND ONLY ONE top spead for...jmyane31
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