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04/20/14Who is the scariest person in the w...strippersnbens50
04/20/14Cholesterol medicine... is it worth...SteelCash43
04/20/14Sorry for all the questions, but I'...strippersnbens9
04/20/14Happy Easterdytide5
04/20/1436 People Were Shot In 36 Hours...Randisist21
04/20/14Black Bear Mauls Florida Womancanovsp12
04/19/14~ what is GAMBLING? ~KktdocT13
04/18/14GM Corporation will ask court to ha...Randisist3
04/18/14Yahoo Corporate Exec. gets $58 mill...Randisist5
04/18/14Are you childless?MaxDemon46
04/18/14English tourist in the OutbackCoin Toss2
04/18/14Update on Apache Mjcmhou1211
04/17/14Favorite things your Dog drags arou...TheGoldenGoose7
04/17/14DO YOU LIKE FRITOS?jimc091120
04/15/14How long does cocaine last?strippersnbens17
04/15/14What the darn is wrong with these k...bill70251
04/14/14Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street ...LeafsNeedD14
04/14/14Why do some people think betting on...strippersnbens41
04/14/14Sinkhole in my backyardskimordie13
04/14/14Just wondering who is the oldest he...58
04/14/14Is our culture better today and it ...Killer_B57
04/12/14Elizabeth Warrenronwoodjzs51
04/12/14Bed bugsemtee127
04/12/14Baseball is boring.nflcapperletsgo30
04/12/14Liberals are not so "liberal"SportsFan969879
04/11/14Chasing LossesTheGoldenGoose17
04/11/14How long can someone stay awake for...strippersnbens22
04/10/14Church sues Wal-Mart over Gun and m...don juan17
04/10/14Dear ESPN i don't care about an ath...packers199218
04/10/14Women's eqaul payMaxDemon6
04/08/14Calling in sick tomorrowmr_bollox23
04/08/14Malaysia Plane Black BoxStevenC17
04/07/14casino addictionStevenC6
04/06/14Crazy Christians Thread Part TwoClubDirt113
04/06/14Delusional, Stupid or Just that sim...Randisist4
04/05/14Great... experiencing numbness in a...SteelCash39
04/05/14Using statistics to prove a lie...Randisist3
04/04/14Former McDonald's store managers ad...don juan20
04/03/14Boob FactsTheGoldenGoose34
04/03/14New Bill To Stop Online GamblingJDHPro17
04/03/14The Devilschreib10
04/03/14Anti Gun Advocate/ Arms Dealer/ Dem...rick311726
04/02/14On last day to enroll in Obamacare ...SarasotaSlim27
04/02/14Convenience Stores asking for Donat...dassad11
03/31/14Do any of you work in retail and/or...scalabrine96
03/31/14What's in it for a guy to get marri...MaxDemon33
03/31/14do you know??seaona12
03/30/14How long should the Malaysian victi...TwoTeamParlays18
03/29/14AMERICANS ARE STUPIDbandit101075
03/28/14Westboro Cult Leader diesrick311744
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