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10/21/14My tennis strategy THE ZONE.Sentinel3556
10/13/14sea foodorion25
10/12/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW811
10/03/14CrazyMilkMan's 2014 Asian GamesCrazyMilkMan170
09/26/14CrazyMilkMan's 2014 FIBA World CupCrazyMilkMan134
09/09/14Tennis(US Open)n3gative89
09/08/14if you parlayed...8
09/02/14Johnson's NBA Predictions 2013-14CMJohnson155
08/15/14BATOR please read...michaelpaul11165
08/04/14What type of food is healthy for ou...orion22
06/27/14what does everyone do for a living/...Maverick11234
06/24/14Tips on betting tennisAshton_Grewal73
06/09/14Tennis(Roland Garros)n3gative64
06/08/14Weather favoring djokovix5
06/08/14It's a very hot day, hard to breath...xibeleli2
06/08/14JOKER idea fixe victoty RG 2014babyboy885
05/26/14When to eat what???Mad_Skillz12313
04/29/14I Will Tatoo My Entire Back if Lake...SuperiorInsight282
04/25/143 months without soft drinksMad_Skillz12328
04/25/14What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77117
03/07/14Flappy birdMad_Skillz1237
02/23/14under 250.5Mad_Skillz1231
02/16/14All Star 2nd quarter betBostonFan38
02/16/14Robredo/Haase SHAFTEDTMOOSE1012
02/15/14LOL at presenter breaking the troph...shawnp9
02/06/14YOU GOTTA LOVE IT WHEN YOU...TsikenBreast21
01/29/14Miami will beat the 72-10 Bulls rec...Asomugha100
01/28/14Waw to take aussieAsomugha100
01/28/1420 year old losing to 43 year old d...friend3
01/27/14Your Dream JobCapper00737
01/26/14Nadal Vs Stanimal17
01/26/14The OpenProfessional172
01/26/14Tennis(Australian Open)180
01/24/14Nadal@-160??? As i know, Xmas was a...Mad_Skillz12337
01/24/14Nadal vs Federer.xibeleli29
01/23/14Woman falls off of cruise ship...skimordie36
01/23/ I'm sick of seeing th...Canada_Chris10
01/22/14Peor Antic!!!Mad_Skillz12315
01/20/142nd Half Hawks ml +185 LAR...19
01/20/14I JUST WANNA SAY....Mad_Skillz1234
01/18/14KIngs/Grizzlies totalmellow_wolf4
01/16/14Riske ML +255Rackman2924
01/16/14what i like tonight...Mad_Skillz12318
01/11/14Celtics/Warriors totalmellow_wolf3
01/09/14Perooooo Anticccc!!!!!!Mad_Skillz1231
01/03/14Thoughts and prayers for Michael Sc...Mad_Skillz12312
12/21/13Shake that A$$!!!! Mad_Skillz1232
12/13/13The ABSOLUTE BIGGEST WRITE...scalabrine251
12/11/13Rudy happy OUT tonight vs JazzLOLKNBR7
12/11/13I phone 5s ,galaxy s4 or htc one, a...joe pockets19
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