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02/10/16Tennis(Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, Mem...n3gative14
02/07/16Orlando Magic Over 105 -118 for 2n...d1coach5
02/05/16Tennis(Sofia, Quito, Montpellier)n3gative21
01/30/16Notice how i didnt do my lately gar...RyanTRuchie8
01/30/16Kerber LIVE?Unstoppable Force56
01/28/16Tennis(Australian Open)n3gative85
01/25/16Milos the Manchewra6
01/24/16Djoker's Level25
01/24/16LT slam dunk play 42
01/18/16Skillz AO opening day picksMad_Skillz1236
01/17/16can anybody upset Djoker?chewra9
01/07/16BATOR please read...michaelpaul11174
12/26/15NBA OVER/UNDERSbeldar1236
12/02/15What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77122
11/26/15*** 50th Loss ***WussieMan8
11/24/15*** Its always calm before the stor...WussieMan14
11/23/15*** Quality FADES ***WussieMan8
11/19/15ALL DOGS tonight?Mad_Skillz1233
11/08/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA Sunday13
11/07/15Who let the dogs out?Mad_Skillz1232
11/05/15*** Fades ***9
11/03/15*** enbeeaye ***9
11/02/15Skillz monday picksMad_Skillz1232
11/01/15*** relax ***11
11/01/15Brandon Roykaponofor327
11/01/15Play of the day "Special Co...butterball13
11/01/15BULLS -1 (GOT THE CALL)sharpstick306
11/01/15KIngs/Clips 2nd halfmellow_wolf4
10/30/15Skillz playsMad_Skillz1235
10/29/15Sock vs IsnerRyanTRuchie10
10/28/15SKILLZ opening day playMad_Skillz1234
09/17/15Djokovic will end up with at least ...CountCrisco9
09/15/15Pick of the Weekronchtabasondra4
09/15/15EuroBasket 2015Shyshka4
09/15/15greece or spainRATPACK99214
09/15/15JUST REMEMBERchewra10
09/14/15Djokovic - O/U on how many slams he...gridironguy171
09/14/15FED choked big time....on numerous ...Mad_Skillz1238
09/14/15Interesting fact about Djoker vs Fe...begginerboy13
09/13/15Federer vs DjokovicPapaShango12
09/13/151st set betMad_Skillz1233
09/13/15When will it start?Gogators16
09/12/15Tennis(US Open)n3gative65
09/12/15Is this the most unattractive women...Mr-WinStreak3
09/08/15The US Open InvestSport82
09/07/15Fabio Fagnini is an awful tennis pl...vanderdoss8
09/06/15Eurobasket 2015Mad_Skillz1233
08/31/15If Lebron was a sprinter....3
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