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04/18/17Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
02/06/17Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW996
02/06/17Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2177
02/05/17What's jajknight's Superbo...16
02/03/17Anybody got jajknight's Superbo...2
02/02/17Any Fan To Run on Field at +1150 .....DeLoreanStylez6
01/06/17Houston win win at Home. 5
01/03/17I've hit my TEASERS at 80%...RayRayK3
01/02/17Aub/OK 2nd Half: Put a Franklin on...SonicBlue11
01/01/17Who won AFC South?3
12/31/16GucciCapper is a bit confused yet v...GucciCapper36
12/25/16Celtics vs. Knicks prop wagerFryingPanShoal6
12/25/16Guys NOTHING can beat Celtics vs Kn...Mancity8
12/09/16Am I missing something GS vs UTA??Norcalib26
10/14/16Dodgers are winning tonight!!......slops21
09/20/16Seems like the perfect chance to ta...Shark_Attack104
09/06/16Tennis on Tuesdaywgomel2115
09/05/16Easy Monday 11AM actionaccountant4life8
08/30/16What's up with the Serena line?jdr0163
08/27/16SAT UFC TipsRLeith353
08/25/16Ray of LightMorrissey23
08/23/16UEFA Champions League: Hapoel Beer ...george777
08/19/16Bears RompCrashdavis56510
07/24/16Holly holmCapAttack20006
07/14/16UFC FN91 PREDICTIONS.RandoBrando5
07/12/16Kevin Durant to the WarriorsDaddysHome12
07/06/16Federer for the title. Raonic 2nd ...toktok4
06/22/16Wed EuroPhan083111
06/21/16Is Albania eliminated from group st...13
06/20/16monday ingameBarbarossa20
06/17/16The fix is in. Warriors losing on ...Navi9
06/16/16What if THIS happened? Crazy script...mgmprofits20
06/06/16Waw to take aussieAsomugha110
06/02/16Was that legal?GreenBook2
06/01/16Tampon Time!!!47
05/31/16Things you will be hearing tomorrow...tonyrome18
05/29/16D WINGS slam dunk play !4
05/29/16Game 6 GSW vs OKC In Game.DaddysHome17
05/29/16If You Reply tp Every Single Thread...gcwrestling0837
05/28/16wake up Goffin !4
05/28/16Is Traveling still a violation in t...HeadOverHeart12
05/24/16Pound this one ? Halys Over Chung Gavinnick4
05/21/16Did Carvalho won the fight? 5
05/19/16San Antonio Silver Stars +3.5ChocoTaco3
05/11/16NBA loves games 7sAD932310
05/10/16Tuesday double up Timmy fat zero 0 ...sideJOBplay8
05/09/16Play from me to you : Perieria Over...Gavinnick6
05/01/16LT slam dunk play 2
04/26/16Pacers +7ChocoTaco6
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