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09/22/142014 "Fade the Hilton"LeRinkRat91
09/18/14Who will be our next president?Coloneljim71
09/17/14$$$$$TIGERS 3 RUN BLAST$$$...LeoFlaGuy23
09/17/14Probably my most solid Parlay ShotLeoFlaGuy25
09/16/14Toronto staying Under14
09/16/14Fear the web5
09/16/14I have spent all day going to 25 di...RandyResort45
09/16/14Money Ball 9-15-2014KeyElement19
09/15/14Time to trade for AD?ogmike7
09/13/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 2)jimmydafreak325
09/13/14No AP !!!! Just picked up Matt Asia...KingScorpio2
09/13/14Money Ball 9-12-2014KeyElement8
09/12/14Roll the dice on the Josh Gordon ne...bizkilla16
09/12/14trade question2Team_Parlay7
09/11/14Who wins this tradeBullets254
09/11/14This goes out to Cappers (2 years+)LeoFlaGuy34
09/11/14Feartheweb Wednesday FearTheWeb53
09/09/14guru's 50 unit monday night mon...34
09/09/14TEVE JACKSON RB FALCONS/MA...baronman2
09/09/14Money Ball 9-08-2014KeyElement16
09/09/14Monday Money....SportsMedic18
09/08/14Keith OlbermanFadeOnly23
09/08/14Guru is looking for all the haters13
09/08/140-0-0 OVERALL NO NEED TO B...The_Swamp11
09/07/14Facking ref is on UNDER B0NLU5
09/07/14Fearthweb week 2 cfballFearTheWeb93
09/07/14Did Marie Osmond lose 50 pounds?Coloneljim23
09/07/14" HAMMERING " Hanks picks ...KingScorpio15
09/06/14who is best cfb capper to follow?Hubbahubba232328
09/06/14At the Palms in Vegas...clepto16
09/06/14what is your favroite noon pickChristian_iaco7
09/06/14Here we go..if i hit this one i'm g...LeoFlaGuy17
09/06/14Can you bet Nevada games in Vegas?clepto18
09/05/14Jimmus' High Stakes Fantasy TeamJimmus7
09/04/14Am i crazzy to think that GreenBay ...Japp2232
09/04/14MY plays for tonight! LeoFlaGuy28
09/04/14A Fairy Tale for Mencoldsnap5532
09/03/14I think I waited too long for a QBJohnnyClay4
09/03/149/2 Bets $100 on each14
09/03/14Money Ball 9-02-2014KeyElement15
09/03/14Wes Welker a Meth Head?Jimmus17
09/02/14Feartheweb week 1 77
09/01/14My Fantasy Team picking 7th in 12 t...KingScorpio4
09/01/14Advice on my team?CalBear6
08/31/14everybody on here had Utah lol21
08/28/14Would you give up Corderrelle Patte...DUNKMAN8
08/25/14URGENT: Keeper Help ... Due to Ton...TheJonner4
08/22/14Make just ONE BET on PAYDA...KingScorpio5
08/21/14Monday Winner51
08/10/14SUNDAY NIGHT ESPN GAME = G...LeoFlaGuy6
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