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12/21/14HOW MANY HATS HAVE YOU WON...sports1000103
12/20/14Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2012708
12/20/14Lakers/Thunder ingame.searchwarrant27
12/19/14Oklahoma City at Golden St...Covers14
12/19/14Tennessee at Jacksonville (12/18/20...Covers43
12/19/142H OKC/GSUnstoppable Force15
12/19/14Watahell, i gonna lose my Under 233...BornToDie19
12/19/14OKC dagger in my heartckattar83
12/19/14Wth is GS doing?????RudyGay7
12/19/14Big 2H playRonBurgundy8087
12/19/14These teams are playing for the spr...DatExpert2
12/19/14Under backers we are alive now that...Tanttii14
12/19/14Time to hedge(OKC backers)Rikow9
12/19/142nd half Over 105.5 Thunder/Warrior...dpb1230074
12/16/14Saints 2H MOOSEDUnstoppable Force12
12/16/14Clippers 2HUnstoppable Force15
12/16/14JUST GOT ANOTHER CALL Sain...Twenty5Straight28
12/16/14Anybody else have Pistons +11.5??39
12/16/14Saints at Bears 2nd half bet of dec...Twenty5Straight32
12/16/142 h vicky9819
12/16/14Did that Just Happen?jennado11
12/16/142h picktom-jerry2
12/16/14 2h Saints bettors, ate we getting ...WestKoastin29
12/16/142nd Half Winner2LEGIT2QUITU6
12/16/14Saints 2H Rally....Tanttii7
12/15/14MNF 2H playUnstoppable Force4
12/15/14ummmm.. give me some more saints -3...Poor-Derf2
12/15/14Going with under 54 Huge tonight...Tanttii19
12/14/14Washington at New York (12...Covers14
12/12/14Arizona at St. Louis (12/1...Covers67
12/12/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA ThursdayCrazyMilkMan18
11/25/14Clean up your Contestsbiff3752
11/11/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12769
11/01/14WHEN IS NEXT RACE??mjcochi63
10/16/14Many of you are playing for 2nd pla...Twenty5Straight117
09/25/142014 MLB STICKBALLac_bum407
09/21/14ore/wash st 2hcrims248
09/21/1431pt 4th Quarter!?!? C'monLV319
09/21/14Oregon defenseThe-Genius3
09/21/14Oregon will cover -23.5 lextime120621
09/21/14Oregon Under DEAD??????LOLKNBR2
09/21/14*** SAT. NIGHT NCAAF ***badlands4
09/20/142nd half fsu/clemsonSportsBetGuru14
09/18/14Texas at Oakland (09/18/2014)Covers13
09/17/14Turning $2250 into $100K on opening...matty441204115
09/12/14Thursday Total Action PlayUnstoppable Force5
09/12/14Pittsburgh at Baltimore (09/11/2014...Covers67
09/11/14$ NFL Regular Season Prize Pool $--phillyfan--19
09/10/14MLB TUESDAYpucku273
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