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11/24/16***Macwesties Thurs. Nov. ...Macwestie129
11/24/16NFL Week 12zamigo64
11/24/16Aretha Franklinchaloots18
11/24/16Dart________> pickGoldjaBoy7
11/24/16What are you thankful for.....1TimeLucky12
11/22/16Sunday hot pick $$$$$Tiger_Eat_All60
11/21/16BILL @ BENGALS: They'll al...scalabrine115
11/20/164 Teams you can Bank on Today Gioia17
11/20/16Flags and a watered down NFLGoldjaBoy5
11/20/16Flags and a watered down NFLGoldjaBoy1
11/01/16Chung hot mondag night bears/minny!chungnuoc13
11/01/16Monday PickTravinh10
11/01/16***Macwesties Mon. Oct. 31...Macwestie125
10/31/16**THE OFFICIAL WHY DID I B...Eprince4
10/31/16Monday NFL Winner3
10/31/16Bears vs Vikings -- OVER 39.5CASHius102
10/31/16MNF- pickGoldjaBoy1
10/31/16MNF Parlaymgmprofits210
10/25/16Houston Texans @ Denver BroncosEastsideBangers23
10/25/16MNF------ chalk.GoldjaBoy4
10/25/16*** MONDAY NFL ***badlands6
10/25/16NFL ON MONDAYwgomel214
10/24/16Phins MNF ****dolphins4life115
10/24/16Texans win when playing in Denver a...buffer19
10/24/16Game ends in a Tie2001bmw5
10/24/16NFL Monday 7Philly03
02/07/16As a Panthers Fan...IGotMoney2Blow27
02/07/16SUPER BOWLoldwiseone14
02/07/16FUN FACTMr8033
02/07/16Panthers +1.5 Over 38DWade92
02/07/16------SB 50-----GoldjaBoy1
01/25/16-CAM----- AGoldjaBoy2
01/02/16We went 3-0 on missi game. Here's ...Lala197564
01/02/16The disappointing thing about today...Vic-Vega11
01/02/16Question Maria TaylorGoldjaBoy8
01/01/16Brent Mush-burger17
01/01/16Law of average 24
01/01/16THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT TH...Win4Ever5
01/01/16Kirk FerentzMike_Francesa5
01/01/16Just maybe Brent opens the second h...GoldjaBoy1
01/01/16Vegas prop bet at the half!GoldjaBoy6
01/01/16Pound It!!! FriBuyTheHalf13
12/22/15Should have gone for two down nine ...Julespussy7
12/22/15PHaNToM MNF PHaNToM_CaPPeR19
12/22/15for this game to go.....Over 52.5..Rookieguru21
12/06/15((((( NEW ENGLAND )))))GoldjaBoy1
12/06/15HOFCity's 2015 NFL GAME OF...HOFCity10
11/26/15I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff235
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