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09/28/14Why are Packers favs?22
09/13/14Don t think UCLA can win without Hu...boomersooner1810
09/13/14Neuheisel is awful7
09/13/14Baylor -13 for 2nd half is the righ...DA_BOYS23
09/12/14these missed fg's are really starti...DA_BOYS3
09/08/14Damn missed fgDA_BOYS1
09/07/14Can't believe it stayed under....DA_BOYS1
06/26/14Navarro waived home ?3
06/15/14Brutal day for oversDA_BOYS1
06/12/14Nationals and Gaints over 7Cleo_Kirkland42
06/11/14TWINS/BLUEJAYS OVER RALLY!...Jailbait7127200
06/10/1471-36 w/l (2-0 saturday, sunday pla...SportsLab155
06/08/1406/08 In-Game Thread: LA D...jezhead28
06/08/1410x play 410.3
06/08/14Damn yanksDA_BOYS4
06/08/14DON'T LIVE BET BASEBALL!chosen27134569
06/08/1469-36 w/l (3-1 friday, saturday pic...SportsLab71
06/07/14In Game: A's ml HUGE!!...19
06/07/14IN-GAME: Miami Marlins vs Chicago C...KktdocT303
06/07/14Culbreth strike zone is awful.DA_BOYS2
06/06/14Triple play, damnDA_BOYS2
06/06/14In Game Live: Marlins ml HUGE!!!!19
06/05/14Thursday 6/5 MLB PlaysKaka12343
06/04/1454-31 w/l (tuesday)SportsLab19
05/31/1450-26 w/l (3-1 friday)SportsLab15
05/29/1447-24 w/l (big pay day yesterday)SportsLab64
05/29/1444-24 w/l (stongest bet this season...SportsLab57
05/29/14Afternoon games4
05/28/14Damn Texas and twinsDA_BOYS3
05/27/14Lots of overs to start the day, hop...DA_BOYS7
05/27/1440-20 w/l (back to basics)SportsLab11
05/25/14Live bet the under in TOR16
05/25/1436-14 w/l on the seasonSportsLab16
05/24/14BET NO ONE CAN TOP THESE C...blocksnbooze11
05/18/14Dale Scott strike zone?DA_BOYS5
05/16/1426-6 W/L (Part II)SportsLab42
05/07/14If you are Andrew Cashner do you...Louis_IV11
05/06/14Rios I hate youDA_BOYS2
05/05/14Looks like every game is going UNDE...mikxela3
05/03/14Someone Please Wake up the Yankees?Alan_Watts21
04/27/14Flyers on Sundays3
04/26/14Money Ball 4-26-14KeyElement54
04/20/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team105
04/11/14New Strategysmitler2550
02/05/14IN GAMES .....badlands222
02/04/14Weeble's Tuesday Picksweeble567213
02/04/14IN GAMES .....badlands255
02/03/14MONDAY PICKSDangerbay22
02/02/14IN GAMES .....badlands265
02/01/14Weeble's Saturday Picksweeble567232
02/01/14too many on edm4
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