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04/03/17New Strategysmitler2552
03/30/16Mind boggled over Caps lineThe-Genius11
01/01/16Screw you Stanford!!!!15
12/08/1539-13 ytdallstarscapper144
10/31/15Syracuse coaching. 2
10/18/15Iowa state seriously??4
09/19/15Damn it Goins!!3
09/01/15Damn yanks4
08/27/15Mets ml +7796
08/27/15Mets Live Betchuckles3945
06/23/15That was a CATCH by Dezmp5070149
04/26/15<<< Sunday In Games >>>LeRinkRat116
04/26/15Both minn and stl puck line8
04/26/15***********IN GAME********...dutchdelight158
04/25/15Cinci update anyone?3
04/22/15<<< Tuesday In Games >>>LeRinkRat170
03/12/156 losses by a total of 8 points1
03/11/15$*&%(() ALL INGAME...BooBunny252
03/10/15VT @ WAKE FOREST OVER 138....serge827
03/10/15Fishy 1st half vtech total. 1
03/10/15BOSTON COLLEGE -1.5 2ND HA...serge8228
03/08/15*** sunday ingames ***badlands76
03/07/15Purdue Unstoppable Force92
03/07/15Really Oklahoma? Up by 9 with 2.5 t...5
03/07/15Seton Hall 1 for 8 FT seriously????1
03/06/15Looks like Baylor is going to lay a...eaglequill8
03/06/15i dont know how anyone can take fav...sillirichi11
03/06/15Always fade witch state 1st hf8
03/06/15CHSO & WICH ouch. 1
03/04/15Bang this Dog now!!!!!!!!Skin2416
03/04/15WCI's College HoopsWCI407
03/02/15week 4ryno23513
03/01/15$8,000 OHIO STATE -9 GAME ...pleasebrian41
03/01/15Hate when free throw shooting costs...3
03/01/152nd half Zags/ BYULonestar2104
02/27/15***********IN GAME********...dutchdelight186
02/26/15kp week threeryno23555
02/25/152nd half 068 really????1
02/21/15Friday picks5
02/21/15*** friday ingames: for those who h...badlands213
02/20/15Iona total seem low at 146.5 ??1
02/20/15totals "six pack" for ThursdayLeRinkRat21
02/20/15*** thursday ingames ***badlands129
02/20/15Latech and now miss??1
02/19/15My thurs picks3
02/19/15new to hockey, is there any chance ...scoutagent245
02/19/15Wednesday PicksDangerbay26
02/19/15MR.BIGGS 10 UNIT HORIZON P...biggs33101
02/19/15"OODLES of OVERS" TuesdayLeRinkRat22
02/19/15Wednesday picks11
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