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02/27/15week 4ryno23289
02/26/15***********IN GAME********...dutchdelight125
02/26/15kp week threeryno23555
02/26/15<<< Wednesday In Games >>>LeRinkRat164
02/25/152nd half 068 really????1
02/21/15Friday picks5
02/21/15*** friday ingames: for those who h...badlands213
02/20/15Iona total seem low at 146.5 ??1
02/20/15totals "six pack" for ThursdayLeRinkRat21
02/20/15*** thursday ingames ***badlands129
02/20/15Latech and now miss??1
02/19/15My thurs picks3
02/19/15new to hockey, is there any chance ...scoutagent245
02/19/15Wednesday PicksDangerbay26
02/19/15MR.BIGGS 10 UNIT HORIZON P...biggs33102
02/19/15"OODLES of OVERS" TuesdayLeRinkRat22
02/19/15Wednesday picks11
02/19/15WED *******IN GAMES*******182
02/18/15$$$*** NCAAB WEDNESDAY ***...DAVIDN37
02/18/15WCI's College HoopsWCI406
02/18/15Habs at Sens Total of 5??31
02/18/15KINGS KINGS AND MORE QUICKarchtown16
02/18/15Loving the Kings tonight. 4
02/18/15Maple Leafs Tonite FellasDash_Riprock11
02/18/15Tuesday PlaysLeRinkRat21
02/18/15++++++IN GAMES Drinking T...GASportsDoc140
02/17/15Last night on overs tonight unders!9
02/17/15Vcu under 70.5 2nd half loses1
02/17/15Damn had WF +12.55
02/17/15Wow thank you Vegas again. under 1s...buddytheelf11
02/17/15<<< Tuesday Starting Goalies >>> LeRinkRat27
02/17/15Louie Gs System Picks for ...louiegatbs45
02/17/15Has live betting cost gone way up?2
02/17/15Best night ever7
02/15/15week 2ryno23554
02/14/15GW last minute of play1
02/14/15Friday NHL PicksLeRinkRat24
02/14/15***********IN GAME********...dutchdelight84
02/13/15*** thursday ingames ***badlands176
02/13/15"oodles of overs" ThursdayLeRinkRat19
02/13/15why is everyone on the leafs overrlovsin1711
02/12/15$$$*** NCAAB WEDNESDAY ***...DAVIDN35
02/12/15Louie Gs System Picks for ...louiegatbs18
02/11/1539-13 ytdallstarscapper144
02/07/15<<< Friday In Games >>>LeRinkRat82
02/06/15HOME teams will kill it on Thursday...KingScorpio31
02/06/15********************ALL IN...Dangerbay80
02/05/15FLAMES AND THE UNDERarchtown15
02/05/15****Wednesday Weiner's Pla...ipickweiners55
02/05/15<<< Wednesday In Games >>>LeRinkRat72
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