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11/26/14Ohio at Miami (Ohio) (11/2...Covers12
11/23/14New York at Green Bay (09/...Covers23
11/19/1411/19 Laurel + HarnessColoneljim2
11/17/14Turf Paradise 11/17Coloneljim2
11/17/14New England at Indianapoli...Covers55
11/13/14thursday racingmstrH50
11/13/14Charles Town 11/13Coloneljim2
11/13/14Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
11/12/14Finger Lakes WednesdayColoneljim3
11/09/14Dallas at Jacksonville (11/09/2014)Covers8
11/07/14Cleveland at Denver (11/07/2014)Covers11
11/07/14Dallas at Portland (11/06/2014)Covers13
11/06/14San Antonio at Houston (11...Covers23
11/03/14Air Force at Army (11/14/2...Covers2
11/03/1411/3 at the trackColoneljim1
10/19/14Atlanta at Baltimore (10/19/2014)Covers20
10/19/14Minnesota at Buffalo (10/19/2014)Covers12
10/17/14New York at New England (1...Covers91
10/15/14UL Lafayette at Texas Stat...Covers25
10/14/14Anaheim at Philadelphia (10/14/2014...Covers7
10/14/14Oct 14th AT THE TRACKColoneljim1
10/13/14Montreal at Tampa Bay (10/...Covers8
10/13/14October 13Rob277241
10/13/14Monday 10/13 at the trackColoneljim3
10/13/14Green Bay at Miami (10/12/...Covers37
10/11/14Buffalo at Eastern Michiga...Covers13
10/11/14East Carolina at South Flo...Covers17
10/11/14Kansas City at Baltimore (...Covers12
10/10/14Indianapolis at Houston (10/09/2014...Covers73
10/10/1410/10 at the trackColoneljim1
10/10/14Golden State at Los Angele...Covers3
10/10/14live thurs actionmstrH148
10/09/14Utah at Portland (10/09/2014)Covers2
10/09/14New Jersey at Philadelphia...Covers5
10/09/14Chicago at Dallas (10/09/2014)Covers5
10/09/14Ottawa at Nashville (10/09/2014)Covers6
10/09/14Columbus at Buffalo (10/09/2014)Covers3
10/09/14Calgary at Edmonton (10/09/2014)Covers4
10/09/1410/09 at the trackColoneljim2
10/08/14Montreal at Toronto (10/08/2014)Covers17
10/08/14San Jose at Los Angeles (1...Covers9
10/08/14Vancouver at Calgary (10/08/2014)Covers11
10/08/14Philadelphia at Boston (10/08/2014)Covers7
10/08/1410/8 at the trackColoneljim4
10/08/14Seattle at Washington (10/06/2014)Covers79
10/05/14Chicago at Carolina (10/05/2014)Covers27
10/05/14Kansas City at San Francis...Covers18
10/05/14Atlanta at New York (10/05...Covers28
10/05/14Pittsburgh at Jacksonville (10/05/2...Covers26
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