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04/18/14Toronto vs. ClevelandAlien-11
04/18/14Cincinnati vs. ChicagoAlien-12
04/18/14Thursday night sticksPasteur15
04/11/14Feartheweb Thursday FearTheWeb78
04/10/14Boston vs. New YorkAlien-14
04/10/14Oakland vs. MinnesotaAlien-16
04/09/14Oakland vs. MinnesotaAlien-16
04/07/14Kentucky vs. ConnecticutAlien-110
04/06/14***Macwesties Sat. Apr. 05...Macwestie125
04/05/14Kentucky vs. WisconsinAlien-17
04/05/14Connecticut vs. FloridaAlien-14
04/05/14Cincinnati vs. NY MetsAlien-117
04/04/14Seattle vs. OaklandAlien-15
04/03/14St. Louis vs. CincinnatiAlien-13
03/31/14*** MONDAY MLB ***badlands38
03/31/14Kansas City vs. DetroitAlien-14
03/31/14***Macwesties Mon. Mar. 31...Macwestie118
03/29/14UConn +1.5 for mePasteur7
03/28/14San Diego State vs. ArizonaAlien-127
03/28/14stupid UCLA coach...ballerbooboo18
03/28/14Baylor vs. WisconsinAlien-111
03/27/14All You Need to Know About FSU/Aubu...MrDokie151
03/26/14Southern Miss vs. MinnesotaAlien-111
03/24/14McDermott walks off court with tear...MattBevilacqua51
03/24/14I'm wrong about Gonzaga tonightPasteur27
03/19/14BOVADA-Not impressed...Risktaker2218
03/19/14***Macwesties Tues. Mar. 1...Macwestie135
03/18/14Mount St. Mary's vs. AlbanyAlien-14
03/09/14Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW1467
03/07/14I don't believe in fixes and refuse...Moosehunter8229
03/06/14***Macwesties Thurs. Mar. ...Macwestie112
03/06/14Memphis cinci 19
03/06/14Villanova vs. XavierAlien-12
03/06/14If you took SD stateMurkCity32
03/06/14Who's chasing UNLV???TheGoldenGoose6
03/06/14San Diego State vs. UNLVAlien-15
03/05/14///////////Tuesday Loooooo...mikeru3163
03/04/14Tuesday - Big 12 playksuwins7
03/04/14Creighton vs. GeorgetownAlien-16
03/04/14I have * ----* these lines from my ...6
03/04/14Thoughts on 5 TEAMERsalsbury965
03/04/14***Macwesties Mon. Mar. 03...Macwestie19
03/04/14NC State ML all dayPasteur26
03/02/14College basketball is such a fu.cki...MonstarsInYoGrill9
03/02/14San Diego State vs. Fresno StateAlien-18
03/01/14Washington St.-Washington.....Under...slick1510
03/01/14final scores within 5 points6
03/01/14Washington State vs. WashingtonAlien-18
02/27/14***Macwesties Thurs. Feb. ...Macwestie124
02/27/14Ohio State vs. Penn StateAlien-113
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