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10/04/15NCAA wk 5MEGALOCKS264
10/04/15New York vs. Miami11
10/04/15Notre Dame vs. Clemson **...Alien-125
10/04/15***Macwesties Sat. Oct. 03...Macwestie141
10/04/15Ohio State vs Indiana7
10/03/15Blue jays playoffs threadstiff365
10/01/15Risking it AllGamblingDivorce43
09/22/15Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2125
09/18/15Florida State vs. Boston CollegeAlien-16
09/15/15***Macwesties Mon. Sept. 1...Macwestie137
09/14/15Philadelphia vs. Atlanta MNF 12
09/13/15NCAA wk 2MEGALOCKS232
09/09/159/8 Tuesday MLB -- YTD 59-...SoulGlo32
09/08/15***Macwesties Mon. Sept. 0...Macwestie122
09/07/15Monday Nt estes171715
09/07/15Ohio State vs. Virginia TechAlien-15
09/06/15Purdue vs. Marshall1
09/04/15***Macwesties Fri. Sept. 0...Macwestie128
09/04/15Rhode Island vs. SyracuseAlien-11
09/04/15North Carolina vs. South CarolinaAlien-120
08/29/15Calgary vs. WinnipegAlien-11
08/28/15Kansas City vs Tampa BayAlien-16
08/28/15Tennessee vs Kansas CityAlien-13
08/25/15Houston vs. New YorkAlien-15
08/24/15Cincinnati vs. Tampa BayAlien-13
08/24/15Cleveland vs. ChicagoAlien-11
08/22/15Weeble's Saturday Picksweeble567222
08/21/15anyone here do this for a living?85
08/20/15Texas vs. DetroitAlien-11
08/20/15Detroit vs. ChicagoAlien-14
08/15/15This year is very personal25
08/14/15Money Ball 8-13-2015KeyElement67
08/14/15Baseball today 8/14tinfoils22
08/14/15Cubs vs. WhitesoxAlien-11
08/13/15Money Ball 8-12-015KeyElement83
08/11/15*** WEEK 7 CFL ***badlands25
08/11/15Baseball today 8/10tinfoils20
08/11/15Weeble's Monday Picksweeble567219
08/10/15Baltimore vs. SeattleAlien-13
08/10/15Colorado vs. New York (N)Alien-12
08/10/15Pittsburgh vs. MinnesotaAlien-16
08/09/15MLB Picks for Saturday August 1st8t...jstaley1243
08/08/15Cards Underdavemsh14
08/08/158/7 Friday MLBSoulGlo12
08/07/15Montreal vs. OttawaAlien-11
08/07/15Playing with what you can't losejstaley1268
08/06/15Riding the Blue Wave, JAYS MLjohnnyfry13
08/05/15Houston vs Texas3
08/04/15Toronto vs. HamiltonAlien-12
08/04/15Money Ball 8-03-2015KeyElement68
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