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09/25/135 run chase 2013cisco161
04/11/13ADG's MLB 2013 Alldaygambler2846
09/01/11Which College Fantasy QB would you ...3rdLeg3
09/01/11Which of these two QB's would you s...3rdLeg1
08/26/11my 5 run chasecisco138
08/04/11home favorite system wednesdaycisco13
07/13/11The one and only MLB System!!!Maglio504
06/16/11MLB Play of the Day for June 14 Loo...WillBetAnything178
06/15/11*** Tuesday's MLB Plays - ...LasVegasLord182
06/14/11*** Monday's Plays - 3 Plays on the...LasVegasLord174
06/13/11*** Sunday MLB & POD - Don...LasVegasLord142
06/12/11My Book Has SD -.5 at +1853rdLeg1
06/10/11MLB Play of the Day for June 9 Look...WillBetAnything152
06/03/11MLB Play of the Day for June 3 Look...WillBetAnything145
05/29/11MLB Play of the Day for May 28 Look...WillBetAnything136
05/27/11MLB Play of the Day for May 27 Look...WillBetAnything131
05/25/11MLB Play of the Day for May 24 Look...WillBetAnything129
05/20/11MLB Play of the Day for May 20 Post...WillBetAnything113
05/02/11Another reason why Auburn deserves ...3rdLeg6
03/19/11CrazyMilkMan's NBA SaturdayCrazyMilkMan41
03/18/11Heat vs Hawks 3/18/113rdLeg4
03/10/11What happened to m15525 ???3rdLeg1
02/26/11OK starting with what's in sports b...dawniewags106
02/22/11Emergency Thread for "...KineProfessor251
02/15/11mTbaKer's NBA Picks- Mondaymtbaker46
02/09/11Sunday "Presystem" PlayKineProfessor195
02/08/11$$$$$ NCAA Hoops - Manic ...smatt72123
02/07/11Lakers @ MemphisProfessional195
02/05/11Low Post: Marist @ Canisiusm1552551
02/05/11Friday "Presystem" PlaysKineProfessor299
02/04/11How come no one is talking about th...3rdLeg1
02/02/11Low Post: Wake Forrest @ FSU m1552552
01/31/11**********MONDAYS TICKET**...44-dimes18
01/28/11What are the chances???3rdLeg7
01/27/11Low Post: TCU @ New Mexicom1552537
01/25/11Low Post: Cavs @ Celticsm1552558
01/22/11Punkass Auburn...Skanless136
01/05/11Question about Online Books??3rdLeg1
01/04/11VTech & Stanford Write-Up m1552530
12/12/10Chargers or Saints??3rdLeg4
12/12/10Falcons or Packers??3rdLeg7
12/02/10My book is Begging me to take the E...3rdLeg3
10/02/10BYU vs Utah Stroscoepekotrain52
10/01/10Chung Hot Thursday & Friday Pic...chungnuoc33
09/30/10Thursday NCAAF..... 2-0 Re...murda0919
09/30/10Thursday Night: A&M @ OSU Discu...RMcCarthy127
09/27/10Monday Night Football3rdLeg1
09/25/10My 2 cents for Saturday3rdLeg1
04/14/10New YPPT Methodroughshod311286
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