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09/06/15*** Week 1 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom122
09/05/15nostradamus week 1nostradamus1281
09/05/15Week 1 Money102
09/05/15What are the vets of the board thin...jwheels8624
09/02/15Under a 100 daysBoom_Boom75
08/18/152015 COLLEGE FOOTBALL FUTU...DoubleUp4Life21
08/01/15Early LeansBoom_Boom15
07/30/15Auburn vs Louisvillech00ch00train219
07/28/15week 1 winner ATS max585
07/23/15My Phil Steele mag has arr...WISEGUY3660
07/21/15*** College Football Breakdown 2015...Boom_Boom51
07/20/15Pauly Howard obliterates the SECvegasrebel41713
07/03/15I have a Questionbonilla42020
06/14/15Game 5Boom_Boom9
06/14/15Pitt WR Tyler Boyd has been arreste...packers19923
06/11/15how can i studybonilla4209
05/31/152015....Really? Are we ready?Boom_Boom14
01/11/15*** Carolina / Seahawks ***Boom_Boom24
01/02/15SEC fansBoom_Boom70
01/02/152 plays for me today....packers19927
01/01/15HAPPY NEW YEAR FAMILY** JA...DoubleUp4Life12
01/01/15Want to have a civil discussion her...32
01/01/15*** New Years Bowls ***Boom_Boom16
12/31/14But But But But we're SECBoom_Boom1
12/31/14*** Bowl Season ( New Thread )***Boom_Boom48
12/29/14*** Bowl Season ***Boom_Boom82
12/24/14CMU Backers TURN UP!!!!!!!...22
12/24/14After that, you just have to laughBoom_Boom14
12/22/14Memphis QB reminds me ofsugabear7
12/22/14Few obsevations from this bowl gameBoom_Boom1
12/20/14Blowoutgm's bowl picks!!blowoutgm12
12/13/14Let's talk bowl gamesBoom_Boom24
12/12/14FSU doesn't have a chance again...26
12/11/14B10 vs B12 factsthorpe20
12/10/14This committe is completely lostBoom_Boom122
12/08/14You knew it was coming.....THEMUGG15
12/06/14*** Week 15 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom91
12/02/14Pelini out at NebraskaGreedybastard33
11/29/14*** Week 14 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom72
11/22/14*** Week 13 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom62
11/16/14*** Week 12 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom94
11/15/14This committe is completely lost Boom_Boom179
11/11/14Football gamble: Nobody is smarter ...comtambi25
11/09/14*** Week 11 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom197
11/09/14Blowoutgm''s Week 11 leans...blowoutgm70
11/08/14Week 11ksuwins12
11/08/14Maybe the 2nd dumbest big play I've...TRAIN6924
11/04/14WEEK #11 for UrbanwildlifeUrbanwildlife26
11/04/14SEC Title Game: Miss St. vs. Missou...Sabanade28
11/02/14*** Week 10 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom77
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