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08/21/14Oakland A's win the World Seriesgustosgoat296
04/27/14Asking for acceptanceProtoStar624
01/15/14box nation guysiron_mike149
12/19/13****** BOWL CHALLENGE ****...Boom_Boom294
12/06/13Mizzou will win the SECTRAIN6982
12/01/1310 Season Wins wagers that were fre...gridironguy41
11/09/13Season win total I'm betting...bense19796927
10/18/13*** Week 5 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom323
10/10/13If Mississippi and Louisville playe...pstone38
09/30/13Freak Pics!!! (Week 2)jimmydafreak505
09/29/13NCAA WEEK 5 **** The Many....TRAIN69153
09/29/13Week 5 Money204
09/28/13***Attention Fourm***Boom_Boom54
09/28/13The recreational wagers week 5tiasman14
09/28/13Sizzlin Week 5RJSizzle98
09/28/13NCAA Football Week 5PapaShango26
09/28/13Week 5165yds56
09/28/13week 5 moneynostradamus1238
09/27/13College FB Looks Like a Cruddy Week...Quantum_Leap31
09/27/13*** Week 4 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom193
09/26/13NCAAF Week 5Bird433216
09/26/13NCAA WEEK 4 *****UNDERDOG...TRAIN6966
09/25/13Ole Miss beats BAMA straight upJerseyboy8933
09/24/13If Bama shuts down Johnny Football,...Spartacus10109
09/23/13..................some ban...biggiantkiller412
09/23/13A&M / Arkansas - what will this lin...thorpe5
09/23/13Clemson O-Lineman Isaiah Battle has...packers19925
09/23/13NCAA FB Week 4 (29-17-2 YT...jdnmoney212
09/22/13How lucky is Florida Driskel got hu...TRAIN6922
09/22/13Week 4 MoneyWahooS106
09/22/13Week 4amd270
09/22/13NCAA Football Week 4PapaShango49
09/22/13Heliotus week 1 NCAA football playsjdnmoney56
09/22/13NCAA WEEK 4 ****Scarface c...TRAIN69125
09/21/13NCAA Week 4 $$$ParlaySucker19
09/21/13NCAA wk 4MEGALOCKS103
09/21/13NCAA week 4totter21
09/21/13week 4 moneynostradamus1236
09/20/13Week 4 HAMMERS!!!!HammersSpreads8
09/20/13Florida could break out against Ten...Tinklebell17
09/19/13((( NCAA WEEK 4 TICKET )))44-dimes7
09/18/13Bama vs Johnny ( Part 2 )Boom_Boom26
09/17/13Week 4lsufasteddie12
09/17/13Bama vs JohnnyBoom_Boom200
09/16/13I hate to be "that guy" but i have ...packers199221
09/16/13Week 3 UNDERDOG ML ParlayTRAIN6927
09/15/13Week 3 SNF.. down to 67% boo!SatNightFever0516
09/15/13Top 25lsufasteddie14
09/15/13Am I the only one still drinking th...PapaShango149
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