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2012/2013 NCAA Fantasy Football

Entry fee will be $20 per entry with maximum of 1 team per player.

This league will be a total points league with the person with the highest number of total points at the end of the season declared the winner. This league will run from August 30-December 1st or there about. The last week will be the conference championship weekend of the Big Ten, SEC, and a few others.

The rules are very simple. Each week you play with 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, and 1 quarterback. They must play on Division 1 BCS Division College teams. There is no draft, you just choose who you want to use and they are your players for the week. The tricky part is that every week you must change your players and you cannot use the same player more than once during the entire season. Contestants can be using the same players during the week so there is no need to worry about who others are playing. You will have much better chance at success if you choose your players by their performance possibilities and their opponents for that week. The scoring will be announced in the very near future but I will say it will be scored just like RTS Fantasy Standard scoring for those positions.

Each contestant will email me with their line up no later than 10am Eastern on Saturday mornings or at least 2 hours prior to any game being played on a different day. The entire 5 man team must be submitted at the same time. Notifying me of 2 players playing Thursday night and then notifying me about 3 other on Saturday morning is not allowed. In such case as this happens the players playing on the day of notification will count towards your point total but the other players will be given a score of 0. The week begins on a Monday and ends on Sunday. All entry fees will be returned as prize money. The places paid and percentages will be determined by the number of entrants.

If interested please contact me with any questions and method of payment.
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