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06/03/2013 Its been a fun ride, but, I dont like what I;ve become here at covers, Im leaving covers for good 5_for_Fighting 104
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04/16/2013 My prediction on the Arizona shooter... 5_for_Fighting 68
03/04/2013 Trump torches GOP presidential field, and sides with birthers at the same time dl36 45
03/04/2013 What is the tea party movement, really? dl36 37
03/04/2013 California Democratic Chairman John Burton attacking Conservative activist about Cocaine addiction dl36 5
03/04/2013 Beck Dismisses Potential Radiation Deaths In Japan As Media Over-Hype dl36 36
11/07/2012 Republicans arent back in power for 5 minutes and they already break their promises cd329 26
11/07/2012 Maybe just maybe this article will start to make some of you die hards realize whos getting screwed cd329 384
11/07/2012 Stock market might take a huge hit again today if there cd329 12
11/07/2012 Democrats trying to legalize online gaming but of course cd329 28
11/07/2012 To all the people blaming Obama and the democrats for the gambling ban cd329 24
11/07/2012 Oh look another Sarah Palin history screwup cd329 68
11/07/2012 Just another 6 billion the tax payers have to pay cd329 33