Money for nothing: Wagerline launches $100,000 Streak contest

Feb 10, 2009 |
Money for nothing: Wagerline launches $100,000 Streak contest

The difference between being Mr. Big Shot and Joe Schmo is often one defining moment. The good people at have made it easier to leap frog into the former category.

The popular Survivor contest has been reworked giving players more opportunities to win and win big. Streak Survivor is a free challenge that rewards those that can pick up to 21 and 25 straight winners as well as the best overall capper of the month.

Reigning $100K Champ

Tuppy holds the $100K check.

The grand prize is a $100 000 payout for anyone who can pick 25 consecutive winners (pushes aren’t penalized; they’re just considered a non-play). Entrants can select sides or totals for their streak picks.

Mark Tupper, better known as Tuppy to forum users, was the last $100K champ to take down the house. Tupper, who predominately picking NBA games, sided with the Jazz as 6-point dogs on April 30th 2007 in a playoff game against the Rockets. Houston won the home date but didn’t cover the number.

“I don’t know what to say,” Tupper said after winning the money reward. “This was quite unexpected. To win this amount of money from a free contest blows my mind.”

Now with the re-launch, participants don’t have to be as fortunate as Tupper was in 2007. Each month the player with the most winning picks (no more than one pick a day allowed) will automatically win $1000. 

And those that fall just short of the 25-game run won’t walk away empty handed. The new version hands out $25K to anyone who reaches 21 straight winning picks - a $15 000 increase from the previous payout.

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