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Three MLB teams books don't want to win the World Series

Jason Logan
There are two months left in the MLB regular season and sportsbooks are beginning to sweat when it comes to a few teams making a postseason push.

We talked to oddsmakers in Las Vegas and online about which clubs pose the biggest hit to the World Series futures book if they went on to win the Fall Classic. Here are three teams books are cheering against this summer:

Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series odds: +1,000 (Open), +4,000 (June 24), +600 (Currently)

The Dodgers’ about face in the National League West is quickly becoming a thing of legend. Los Angeles was the worst bet in all of baseball back in June and watched its World Series futures bloat to 40-1, as injuries to its stars stacked up.

Then, Hanley Ramirez returned and rookie sensation Yasiel Puig caught fire, sparking L.A. to a 19-6 run in July. Nevada books always take extra action on California teams and the Dodgers’ turnaround has forced many spots to juice their World Series odds in order to cushion the blow of a potential L.A. World Series win.

“The Dodgers look to be very, very real to me,” Michael Stewart, an oddsmaker for, told Covers. “They're the hottest team in baseball and their only issue might be they're hot at the wrong time of the year because there's no way they can sustain that level of play.”

“The Dodgers can easily navigate their way through the NL playoffs and find themselves in the World Series, setting up a disastrous situation for us.”

Cleveland Indians

World Series odds: +10,000 (Open), +3,000 (June 24), +2,500 (Currently)

The Tribe were the wiseguys’ pick when it came to season-win totals but no one thought Cleveland would be in the World Series conversation come August. The additions of Nick Swisher and Ryan Raburn have helped spark the offense and a steady home record of 37-19 helps Cleveland in the race.

The Indians ride an eight-game winning streak into Thursday and sit second in the American League Central, two games back of the Detroit Tigers. Following a three-game road series in Miami, Cleveland has a showdown with Detroit at home starting Monday.

Baltimore Orioles

World Series odds: +4,000 (Open), +1,400 (June 24), +1,200 (Currently)

The Orioles were the red-haired bastard child of the American League East, living in the shadow of the Yankees and Red Sox and failing to keep pace with the talented Rays and big-spending Blue Jays this offseason. Books didn’t expect much, even though the O’s made the postseason cut in 2012.

Baltimore picked up where it left off and is currently chasing Tampa Bay and Boston, sitting third in the AL East at 59-49. The Orioles, however, are stumbling following the All-Star break, going 6-6 heading into Thursday. Their odds could be in need of adjustment after an 11-0 loss to the lowly Houston Astros Wednesday.

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Posted by hoosline
3 years ago

Interesting...I made this bet back on 3/21: Baseball Futures - To Meet In World Series Orioles vs Dodgers +6500 for Teams to Meet in World Series

Posted by dduukkee
3 years ago

these covers stories always come up when a team is hot who has/had good odds to win it all at one point in the season. im sure a decent amount of people did or will bet the dodgers to win it all because of puig and the nice run they are on, but most did it after the dodgers started the run and the books started to adjust the price, but to think books are "sweating" the dodgers winning it all is ridiculous and 100% false,think of all the people who bet on other teams that wont win, only one team can win, anyone else betting on the other 20 or so teams that people feel have a chance lose their wager, 1 team winning wont override the amount of money lost on the others, l guarantee a ton of people pounded the angels to win once the big trades happened, and all the talk of the blue jays winning it drew a bunch of bettors into taking them, the dodgers wont win it all, but books are gonna be coming out ahead no matter who wins it, this column is for entertainment only, no team is causing the books to sweat.

Posted by griponit17
3 years ago

what r u talking about KOBE did u read the first line and if people got in on this they probally dont have alot invested like 20-50 bucks woopeeeeee

Posted by jmac3454
3 years ago

good2c books get pummeled.
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Posted by dduukkee
3 years ago

"these covers stories always come up when a team is hot who has/had good odds to win it all at one point in the season. im sure a decent amount of people did or will bet the dodgers to win it all because of puig and the nice run they are on, but most ..."