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Baltimore at San Francisco (02/03/2013)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: Baltimore at San Francisco (02/03/2013)
veronica27 PM veronica27
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Posted: 2/5/2013 6:45:18 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by ApocalypseLater:

it cracks me up when people think they are so much smarter than the books and... yea the books made SF the favorite because they think Baltimore should be the favorite... that's how it works!

holy crap!

sorry i cant resist .. lol

looked to me when it was 21 - 6 at halftime that vegas INDEED MADE THE WRONG TEAM THE FAVORITE .. ? did a light come on in your head at any point in this tender window of time ? the power outage was the outside mitigating factor thrown in to kill the ravens blowout of the mighty nfc team from  the happy city  ..  

should we get into why the lights went out ? i would not know the answer right ? because i am not living in the state of nevada ? or in new orleans ? or i would not know because i dont have any family members that work for cbs , tony gotti banditto or tony the tiger .. ooh , i know but i dont have to let you know .. haha   (that was fun) trying not to be too aggressive , is work yes ..    1

Duh4U PM Duh4U
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Posted: 2/5/2013 8:04:39 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by TheQuadYeah:


You know what Duh4u - I'm sorry, I owe you a HUGE apology. I don't know why it took me this long to pick up on all the signs:

*You're mulitple references to "Brokeback Mountain"

*You're flat out angry hatred of my sexy ladies avatars

*You're constant stalking, badgering and trolling of all the male cappers in here

*Finally, the "piece de resistance", you let it slip about some romantic sailing weekend to the Catalina Islands with someone named "Luigi"? 

I know you're trying your hardest to suppress your feelings, but why don't you just come on out of that closet. The door is obviously wide open now. It's O.K., no judgement from me, I'm sure all of us have a friend or family member with an "alternative" lifestyle.....

Oh, and since you can't seem to find a worthy avatar of your own, I've come up with a couple for you:

 - - maybe this is your style?

 - - maybe this?

 - - or maybe start small, like this?

.....and with this final gloriously crafted post that I'm sure you will read over and over again, The Quad will exit, only to return next football season to start the fun all over again.........


0OoOo0ohhhh i dunno mister quad,my name is luigi.have a problem with that?and my wife likes catalina.sO0oOoo ??? but really mister quad:yu,mistervue and mister w8shitters are not cappers and this is a why i ridicule only yu three stooges who sticks together alls the time !!! besides you having a infatuation with littles girls ,yu have same with mister vue on yu personal page and a vice a versa!!! 0oOoOhhh mi god !!!so i think is possible yu guys are happy peeple in the mountains!lolololo but if yu have a sisters ,me luigi more than a happy to give her my salami kapow between her legs with a lettuce , tomato and a special sauce i and a then yu can eats the salad off the floor!!!lolololo.sOoOoo0o what is this bulshits about yu being a professional classic capper ???? lolololololo.go  and a search web for little girls for new avatars becoz everybody knows real cappers no give 2 shits about avatars, and a you mister quad are not a gud capper but congratulaziones for picking ravens but as to you home page 50 purcent picks is n00ooOo gud ! lololol but must admits ,yu is a leetle better than mister vue.ok pleaz post picture of yu sister and i luigi makes arrangementes to give gud salami naturalmente for free!!! lololol ciao fangulo!
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