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If Nothing Else, You'll Be Entertained -- NFL Week 5 -- Part II

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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: If Nothing Else, You'll Be Entertained -- NFL Week 5 -- Part II
cappyrwt PM cappyrwt
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Posted: 10/6/2012 12:18:15 AM

Balt @ KC +7: Upset city. I know, right, you gotta be kidding me… but I’m not. The birds looked like they could have cared less in last week’s win (can you say drained), and I feel you’ll see the same thing in this game. KC is a desperate team and this might be Cassell’s last chance to keep the reigns as the Chiefs starting QB. I’m really looking hard at KC ML and I expect big games for Bowe and Charles. Baltimore has been running on a lot of emotion the last couple of weeks and I think it’s going to finally get to them this week. I think a lot of the guys on the Ravens are already looking forward to the bye in week 8.

Chicago -7 @ Jax: This line has had the biggest movement of any since last weekend. Everyone should be on Chicago after watching Cutler rip apart the Boys in their own stadium. Even I believe the hype. Although Jax has had a very difficult time getting to the QB (only 2 sacks all year), the Jaguars won’t need to hit Cutler for him to make bad decisions. With that said, Chicago’s defense should be enough to get it done against a still one-dimensional team. Blaine Gabbert should have stayed at Missouri for another year… or two.

Denver @ NE -6.5: I‘ve read all of the stats about Peyton’s recent history against Brady and NE. I don’t care. NE is a better team and will build on its 4th quarter offensive explosion last week in Buffalo. No QB is the complete package like Tom Brady; as a leader, thrower, decision maker, on-field coach, and competitor. He is it. I’ve enjoyed watching Peyton be back in the NFL but this might be a tough one for him to be watching in the 4th quarter from the sideline. Belicheck is going to bring the heat and I predict NE gets to Manning at least 5 times in this game.

Buff @ SF -10: I took the Jets vs SF last week and I cried the whole 2H. SF plays the type of defense that you would expect from a team which has invested the type of $$ Buffalo. And is there a more enigmatic team than Buffalo. It’s either Dr Jekyl or Hr Hyde to me. You never know who is coming out. If SF gets ahead early, this game could be awful to watch. For me, I’ve always preferred Stanford over Harvard. They seem to have a better pedigree of talent and for that reason and the fact SF def knocks the snot out of its opponents like the Waterboy, I’ll stick with the Cardinal. Jim Harbough will not allow this team to sleep on anyone.

SD @ NO -3.5 (Sunday Night):  Historic game. A team that is 0-4 is favored in week 5.Where can I go review game lines for the past 35+ years because I can’t believe a winless team has ever been a favorite in week 5. But this is a special game. Drew Brees WILL break Johnny Unitas record on Sunday night, and NO’s suspended coaches are being permitted by the NFL to attend this momentous occassion. While I’m pretty confident (as is probably everyone else on here) NO has the worst defense in the NFL, they still have one of the most potent offenses. With emotions running as high as I can remember since Katrina in NO, and playing against a team that loves to fall asleep at random times in the year, I have a strong lean on NO. If the line stays 3.5, I’ll probably buy down the .5 point even though I don’t think it will be needed.

Houston @ NY Jets +10 (Monday Night): No Revis. No Holmes (which might be a blessing with how much of a nuisance he has been in recent years with his opinions). Starting QB controversy since before pre-season whether anyone outside of NY cared or not. Let’s face it, the media loves NY. This Jets team has scored 2 offensive TDs in 7 games including the preseason and not including the blow out of the Bills. That is unreal for a team that has been pretty good in recent years and has retained most of its players and coaches. It seems like Mark Sanchez is spending more time focusing on Eva Longoria than his playbook and preparation but can you blame him. I haven’t mentioned anything about Houston because there is no need to. They have been the real deal all season. But something about this game reminds me of the Sunday night game in week 3 last year when Pitt went into Indy as a double digit favorite and won on a last minute FG.  Houston has 9-2 TO ratio this year but only 2-2 on the road. While I don’t know how it will happen (maybe a few fumbles), I think NY will play better this week and keep it respective.  I just can’t lay double digits on a Monday night game being played in NY. While I would like to say I will avoid this game, my lean is the Jets.

Neurofit PM Neurofit
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Posted: 10/6/2012 12:25:55 AM
beandip5 PM beandip5
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Posted: 10/6/2012 1:11:00 AM
Awesome write-ups good luck this weekend.
Hendy PM Hendy
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Posted: 10/6/2012 7:49:25 AM

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