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Excalibur, Luxor, or Hooters??

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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: Excalibur, Luxor, or Hooters??
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Posted: 6/25/2011 11:33:17 AM
As mentioned above, beware of the nightly "resort fees".  Luxor is around $16 per night I believe, Riviera is about $7 or $8, Hooters is around $7 or $8, and I want to say the Excalibur is about $13 or $14.

I stayed at the Riviera back in April.  Nothing fancy about it, and a lot of placed actually closed earlier than I expected, but it was worth the price.  Just pick up a Deuce pass and head down the strip whenever you want to go have some fun.

Also, just another tip, if you stay at any of the Caesar's/Harrah's family of hotels, they don't charge the "resort fee".  So, in the end, if you pay a little more for those places up front, you will end up saving by the time you checkout because you won't have to pay that fee.

Have a blast there!  It's a great time.
ad1260 PM ad1260
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Posted: 6/25/2011 2:05:58 PM

Thanks fellas, I appreciate all the info. But still am unsure of what this "Deuce Pass" is exactly lol? BUT it turns out that our trip is definitely in the works of FALLING THROUGH god damnit. One of my buddies ended up buying a motorcycle a couple weeks ago and is now concerned about getting that all paid for and once he pretty much backed out my other buddy did too because he really doesnt want to go with just me and him. But I am still dying to go, I have been saving a little bit here and there for some time now and gonna be pissed if we cant make the trip!!! Not to mention the longer I wait to book it, the more expensive it gets which obviously sucks lol...but thanks again guys and I will let yall know what happens

Oh, and I have actually considered going by myself if I have to but not sure how this would go or if it would be a blast or total waste?!? This seems like it would be a HUGE gamble  but I have heard that going alone is the way to go but have also heard the exact opposite...

kurtiejoe PM kurtiejoe
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Posted: 6/25/2011 5:21:22 PM
Stay @ the cheapest priced if all you need is a shower & bed. More fun if you're not by yourself unless you're a loner type. G.L.
Yavapai PM Yavapai
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Posted: 6/26/2011 11:47:46 PM

Luxor Does suck elephant cock as does the IP the best kept secret is the WESTIN -Causarina (the old maxim).

Clean newer place and hot asian babes at the front desk.

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