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pinnaclesports.com f*ucks me over *RESOLVED*

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Author: [Gaming Industry - Non US] Topic: pinnaclesports.com f*ucks me over *RESOLVED*
3rd_and_Long PM 3rd_and_Long
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Posted: 5/30/2011 11:53:03 AM
We should all chip in and send him the $5.
Rocket10 PM Rocket10
Joined: Sep 2009
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Posted: 5/30/2011 1:18:32 PM
Same rules apply in Vegas.  This happens both ways, so you have no complaint.  Had you wagered on the UNDER, you would have been saved.
sagebrush PM sagebrush
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Posted: 5/31/2011 2:38:21 AM

need some tissue???  


timbaland99 PM timbaland99
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Posted: 5/31/2011 3:18:47 AM
nope. I don't  need any tissues. I'm sure you have lots since you have to wipe your boyfriends  jizz from all over your face each morning when you get up.  
aruba1022 PM aruba1022
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Posted: 5/31/2011 7:33:14 AM
U r a JOKE!   grow up!    When I  served ,I would break guys like you in half.
chef702 PM chef702
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Posted: 5/31/2011 10:55:12 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by timbaland99:

nope. I don't  need any tissues. I'm sure you have lots since you have to wipe your boyfriends  jizz from all over your face each morning when you get up.  

LOL...I wondered why won't this thread just go away...guys he learned his lesson, give it a rest.

xtc310xtc PM xtc310xtc
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Posted: 6/1/2011 6:14:52 AM
No garbage bling I'd give my left nut to have my wagers cancelled by Pinny again. Ahhhh the good old days of Pinny & Neteller where have you gone?
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Makavelli PM Makavelli
Joined: Jun 2011
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Posted: 6/16/2011 10:22:08 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by timbaland99:

so I played the over for the boston red sox vs. detroit tigers. the total was set at 7.5 (i bought half a point) on Thursday may 26th 2011. I wagered to win $100. when the game was called due to weather conditions in the 8th inning I was really hoping that pinnacle would do the right thing and credit me the win as the score was 14-1. when I checked my account I was furious when I noticed that they cancelled this wager. I read in the baseball forum that some of the other members of covers had their wagers also cancelled. I understand that pinnacle's rules state that if the game is called prior to a full nine innings or it can finish with only 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead then all wagers on the total are to be refunded. this is a ridiculous rule as It is not possible for runs to be taken off the board had the full 9 innings been completed, so the game would have been over the total whether or not they had completed 8 innings or 9 innings. not only did they cancel my wager but they also made an error when I checked my account history. under my bet history pinnacle stated that the reason for the wager being cancelled was because the wager was a push. you an I both know that it is impossible to push on a wager of 7.5. (see bet history below)

 I emailed pinnacle to not only complain that the wager was well and truly over the total whether they played 8 or 9 innings but also because they made an error as to why the wager was cancelled. pinnacles response to this push error was that they had made a human error in describing the reason for canceling the error and I would not receive credit for the win because the grade result remained the same. I told pinnacle that when I made a human error in the past  they would not change it for me whether it was for wagering too much by accident or whether I wagered on the wrong team. when I had emailed them in the past they told me that it was my own fault for not checking my wager before I submitted it and that MY human error would remain unchanged. why is it ok for pinnacle to make a mistake and when I make a similar mistake it is not able to be changed and it is my own fault?this seems very one sided and for an industry that literally makes millions of dollars it would make a bigger impact on them to credit me with the $100 then to lose my business of thousands of dollars if I ended up canceling. I told them it they would not credit me with the $100 then I would find another book and would never use pinnacle sports again. I was astonished to find that they were more than happy to cancel my account and basically gave me a big fu*k you. 

I'm not sure if Lou can help with this issue or not but this does not sit well with me 

I feel fro you Timbo but whos that in your avatar?

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