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Very sad news about one of our own

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Damn I just caught this!!!!!!     RIP Brother I will miss your NFL  Teaser and 2ND HALF threads.................peace

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Just saw this. I'm a bit late. 

RIP Lippsman

Condolences to all family and friends of this legend

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RIP Lippsman.

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i very seldom get on forum but I do remember seeing Lippsman's name. He seems to have made a lot of friends and impacted a lot of people. Is it possible that someone that knew him could start a go fund me page or something similar? Everyone could make a small bet and if it wins donate the winnings to his family and maybe buy a plaque or trophy for him. I didn't know him at all but based on what I have read on this post it's guys like him that should not be forgotten. Maybe covers could do a contest in his name. Is there anyone on here that knew him personally or knew anything about his "other" life?


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 RIP I remember him GOD BLESS HIS SOUL  an_cry

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I’m a bit late as well. RIP LIPPSMAN, we talked quite a bit when I was more into NHL. Dam sad news. an_angelBe well up there lipps

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Ok, damn he’s gone, get over it and life goes on for every one, geez

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RIP LIPPS sad. You will be missed my friend

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Was a good fella alright. We miss ya. Say hi to Apache for us all.peace_5

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Apologies for the tardy condolences, but rest in peace and find those in the next life that bring you love.


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Quote Originally Posted by robert4091:

Ok, damn he’s gone, get over it and life goes on for every one, geez

whatangry - really? I could tell in other threads that you were an a-hole, but this seals it. You're better off just keeping quiet if you have nothing good to say, in other words STFU - especially in this thread. Lipps was a class act, you are the exact opposite.



I wanted to stop in here because I noticed the "In Memory of" banner for Lipps on top of the forum and wanted to compliment it. - Very nice an_police

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