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Wv Gurus are officially done with this one......

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Week away yes but we can't do anymore than what we have already done. And got the Over 56 cause think it'll tick up to 58.5 to 59 possibly and just grabbed -3 For The Kansas City Chiefs cause that one will get to 4 4.5 maybe a lol more. We Billyhills are taking the better...younger...faster...KC and have been in the Over a minute. Hell...if we cap this thing for 8 more days we will be crosseyed to go with Our "No teeth" policy in "Almost Heaven" Huh? 7 more days??? We have deer to kill and scripts to forge (KIDDING OF COURSE!) so we will be to Busy anyto cap anymore of this thing. Have the regular SB food on a solid hold with A Ramen and A lil Debbie Cake. Life is sweet sometimes ya know? lol. Just hope Big Andy don't throw on his pair of conservative panties and have us tossing some other football's around mid 4th. But these mental winners around here have the nerve agents at the ready if Reid wants to be a Fairy princess conservative shitboy and allow another back door to screw KC backers outta cashing. We are banking on The Bucs taking that early 10 to 14 point lead which will be e is feeling better than a 21 to 0 KC start. Cause Andy gets Frisky and Sugar starts entering his tank when he gets these leads. Fuck Brady and the Bucs big Andy and embarrass but na what the hell....disrespect them if u want. He's to nice for that type of ball but just do whatever to cover this thing so we can buy the kid a pair of shoes finally. Tired of hearing him whine about feet hurting. Lucky really boy...we also had a "No Shoes" Policy also back then and it was strict. So let's get it Chiefs and get the kid some flip flops! GOOD Luck fellas whichever way y'all go!!!

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What happens ON the Mountain - stays ON the Mountain.

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Lol. Where I'm at its called a Densely populated town Sir. See as many 3 eyed ppl in all the states ive been in as well besides WV. And yes...i hope what's up in those Mtns stay up in them. There's is prob several Wrong Turns up in the Hills

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Nice the game will drift up from -3 to -4.5? That would be the same formula of Superbowl 13 (Black Sunday) when books and bookmakers took a bath. In some places the line opened at KC -3.5...I doubt if they budge off the -3. 

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And still 6 more days...I think 2 week wait until the Super Bowl maybe made sense in years past prior to the internet, and it took that much longer to build the hype. Also, the season is played out weekly...just get the last game done already.  Or, play the game on the Saturday if you’re going to wait the 2 weeks, 630pm ET on a Sunday night is a horrid slot in that time zone.  And ditch the half time show, anyone can see their favorite performer on YouTube anytime, just not needed anymore.

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LMAO...good write up WVguru...I can recall back in the day we would all head outside to the yard at halftime throwin' the football around.

Good times they were !!!


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