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YOU didnt listen to us and now right now cannot reply to any thread

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TRIED to finsih my new thread over in GD but couldnt nothing works not even the quote thread or post


They always say if aint broke do not try n fix it

stone screwed up this forum by taking away old format


and my historic thread i started way back in 2017  many post have link from unnaproved source and they were NOT LINKS just name of the actress copied and pasted in.


HOW can just text words turn into links????   LOOK at all the threads in here cant do this cant do that over n over again comon please bring back the switch option

Every day we get differnt problems in this forum

the 4000 character limit is NOT 4000 gets wacked out and posters cannot finish the thread







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Hi @Zebra, 

I completely understand that by not having some of the features explained properly to the end-user and it could cause some frustration. 

Unapproved Source Issue: When you generally copy & paste content/text from another page, sometimes the content has links embedded within it. These links then get copy-pasted across to our forum and the whole text associated with the link turns into (unapproved source). We are planning to ease up on restrictions around linking on our forum very soon. This will only be available to established/long time members such as yourself. 

Code Example:


4000 Character Limit: The above explanation applies to the 4000 character limit as well, which includes all the code that goes behind the page when you copy-paste content. One way around this is to copy-paste everything into notepad first and then copy the content from the notepad on the thread. 

Process Example:

Hope this helps you whilst we are trying to expand on the linking capabilities. 

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