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Gambling aside, as a hoops fan it's been pretty boring this year. All 1 and 2 seeds probably make it to elite 8. Seems they are punking everyone this year and making it a chalk tournament. Sucks. Probably some random a-hole gets a perfect bracket this year.


From the way it's looking there won't be any major upsets or any fun surprise Loyola team. There's too many good teams and potential good matchups between big name schools that will generate more $ and better ratings so dirty ncaa will make sure these matches happen. 


#1 Duke will play #2 Michigan State, #1 Gonzaga will play #2 Michigan, #1 UNC will play #2 Kentucky

If there was a 1 or 2 to fall, I think #3 Purdue beats #2 Tennessee and plays Virginia/Oregon. 


They can atleast make it interesting and have a unlikely team like an Buffalo/Oregon/UC Irvine/Ohio State/Iowa or whoever slip through to atleast the elite 8, a underdog team that fans can root for. But no, likely won't happen. 



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Uh oh...... The forbidden "r" word... surprisedquietan_shake You also forgot to add/use the forbidden "f" word, "f*xed"... an_shakean_roll_laugh

Let's see who pops up to write a comment.. an_winkcool


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Another SAF back after being banned before

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Explain to us who "they" are?
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Boring...u know nothing about bball
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