Spence Jr./Garcia

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Spence will cut off the ring and force Garcia into a brawl. The fight won't end early because Spence mentioned he wants to feel Garcia out in the first couple rounds. 

Neither opponents of both boxers are impressive. However, this is a stylistic nightmare for Garcia.

Garcia better have that snap like his camp is saying or Spence will go terminator on him and this fight will be over before the beer is done.

To beat Spence you need better speed and reflexes. Garcia might be faster but it isn't that far from Spence.

Spence by 7 rd TKO.

If this fight goes the distance no way Garcia loses.
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At this very high level boxers dont get "walked down" unless they get hurt by one good shot.  I really hate when people say that.  If anything that scenario your mentioning where Garcia would get wore out, I imagine somewhere 10-12rd.  Garcia is not Algieri for people sake.

Anyhow, Garcia is one of the best at staying at a perfect distance, one of the best technicians in the game. I got Garcia winning, I think he will outsmart and just outbox Spence.  He must be extra careful the first 4 rounds, which if you watch his fights he always is, he makes very few mistakes in the first rounds.  The guy is just a savvy veteran.

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Man down 
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