Victim of the BOVADA free roll scam

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On Wednesday I placed a live wager on Nc State during the Nc State/ Clemson game. Nc State had all the momentum so I put the bet in and it was accepted. The next shot Clemson scores.... 

Nc State goes on to win the game. I wait. I wait. and I wait some more. The money is never credited to my account. I check throughout the day. The bet still is in my open bets page. I go to sleep, I wake up, The betting is still pending. I contact support and they have no answer. I email customer service and in the later part of the following evening I get an apology response email saying they are having "technical difficulties" grading certain wagers. I've had Bovada for years. I am a Legends Level 3 rewards member. I have bet my share of games. I've paid my share of vig, I've lost my share of money over the years. Still I did not think for a minute that this wager would be voided. It was a good number.

This morning I woke up and sure enough... the ticket is graded "line error" 

2 fucking days to void a ticket for being an error? Bullshit. They could void all the tickets on that number with 1 click. This is called free rolling and apparently is one of Bovadas tactics. They are grading the losers losers and they are grading all the winners "line error" What a rip off. I will never use these slimey motherfuckers again. 

If anyone has any doubts, look at the other threads in this forum of the same complaints. Google "Bovada line error" and you'll find other message boards with many many many people falling victim to this.

I've filed a complaint with SportsBookReview, but lets be honest, Bovada has them in their pocket. If anyone would like the ticket information or emails or any of the documentation for any articles feel free to contact me here. I'lll gladly turn it all over. Being a gambler is hard enough as it is to pick winners, its a fucking crime when a book rips off their loyal customers like this. 



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Scumbag books. Hate it for you, brother.
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