All the dif. Offshore Sites w dif bonus’s (Help!!)

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 Hey’s it going.   I just wondering what Sportsbook your on?   I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.   Online sportsbooking is on the way but not here yet.

I used to use a local bookie..but I would spend too much $$.  Using a offshore book keeps my bettin within reason.    As degenerate as it all sounds

What site do you guys suggest I sign up on???   My only preference is I love Low juice requirements.  Local books are -105,  some online books are like -108 I hear?

i don’t give a fuckkkkkkk about bonus on these offshore sites.  It’s 100% a scam.  $100 deposit with them matching $100... you gotta get $2000 total before you can withdrawal? Not to mention the withdrawal Fees these fuckers have?

any veterans have an opinion???   Get into meditation or something fuckin calming? Lol

Again...I do notttt care about bonuses...I care about lower juice amounts, and being able to withdrawal my winnings??

If you neverrrrrr get a check in fun is this???    This 100$ need 2k before you can is nothing more then a straight SCAM on low level gamblers?

anyone have any site they love???

ive tried bovada...the juice is high, but you can get cashed out us you so choose to!!!!  Most sites are -110

any daily / long term gamblers wanna throw out an opinion?? I would greatly appreciate.  I’m always driving to improve my Sportsbookimg.    From reading capping books, statistical books.     The goal is to not piss money away like I used to!   When I started 10 years ago it was shit show!!! I’m still not doin great.  I would say I shoot 47%

i know I’m not capper of the year.   But I’m sticking with In and day out I feel like I learn something from this site daily.

If anyone can suggest any handicapping books let me know!

i know 47% is still losing money...I’m an honest ass dude though!  The goal is to make  This shit pay for itself

any info apppreicared? You’re not gonna hurt my feelings.   I’m  36 years old, and I handicap 365 days a year lol.  I’m not saying that Bc I’m proud. A lot would say degenerate is the word for that lol

whats the site the real guys are using??   I want to join a couple more sites...which ones should I join.  No bonus bullshit...just a hardcore site Everyone uses and trusts? 

Just looking to improve my capping..I’m so close to 53%

then you know what happens $$$ I can make a few bucks back? Scaryyyy thought lol

Lets All Eat Steak Dinners!!!!!!!






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Bookmaker. Withdrew through Checks and bank wires for years before moving to bitcoin. Never had issues with either method. Bank wires used to be expensive as shyt. Crypto is much better though you have to deal with market volatility so sometimes it's worse.

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Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

thanks for your reply Mate!!  hope you're crushing the books!

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