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OK, now that we have our NCAAB contest questions answered I want to check 2 things. I think I know the answers, but just checking.

1. When you go to https://contests.covers.com/ there is a FANDUEL fantasy football contest that says PLAY NOW. I assume that should say Contest has ended.

2. Are we going to have the March Madness contest like last year? I think it was sponsored by FANDUEL. I missed winning a grand by one basket. I am guessing the Playoff contest is replacing that.
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Hey DeaconBlues2525,

1. Yes, the Covers FanDuel Fantasy Football contest is over. We make the change on the Contests homepage to reflect that.

2. Unfortunately, we are not running the NCAAB Busted Bracket contest again this year. However the King of Covers March Mayhem Contest is now live.

Best of luck,

- CT

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 Hey deaconblues2525, how are you able to place your pick before odd change ? I been trying to figure that out for years. Can you help ? 
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