Does anyone know where to get reliable injury reports for AAF games?

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I had increased my bet on Memphis on Sunday, from a 110 point spread bet as well as 110 on the under, and before the game I put another 500 on Memphis money line at +105.

Started watching the game and then the announcers say something to the effect of "Well the top two defensive lineman for Memphis will miss the game due to injury"!

Ouch! I mean maybe they lose anyway but I think if I had that information before the game I'm not increasing my bet from 110 and might even hedge my bets entirely. Sort of tough to bet on these games and get blindsided by significant injuries that you're unaware of.

Anybody got anything good? Right now I'm mostly just searching on Twitter.

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Youre right its hard to find, saw a reddit page discussing official week 6 aaf injury reports but didnt really dive in...
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