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HOW win at slots finding the machnes that will pay out

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Found this just now it's a verfied system and it works

Select the number of spins you would like to make. In most cases, players choose to play ten spins but this does not mean you cannot opt for another number. However, you have to stick to your chosen number.

The next step you have to take before you start spinning the reels is to set an amount you want to invest in playing your preferred slot game. The best way to determine the right amount is to multiply the number of credits by the number of spins.

Let’s see what would happen in the following situation. You have an overall bankroll of 1,000 credits($10), want to bet 25 credits per round and intend to play 10 spins during a session. You, therefore, would wager 250 credits in total.

When the ten spins are over, you should have a total of 2,000 credits minus the 500 credits you wagered during the session. In other words, your credits should amount to 1,440 plus those you have won during the ten spins.

In order to determine your profits, you are supposed to calculate the difference between the aforementioned 1,440 credits and those that are in the machine, provided that you have generated some winnings during the ten spins, of course.

The number is divided by 50 and you get the number of spins you can perform.

Stay or Change the Machine?

Then, you have to set the number of spins and repeat the above-mentioned steps. If your credits reach the critical 750 or go down, you better cash out and finish your game session at this slot machine.

However, if you win a prize during the second “set” of spins, that means you can continue playing and this time, you are enabled to choose more than 10 rounds per betting session. It all depends on the credits you have earned. Repeat the steps above and cash out whenever the number of your credits reaches the critical level.

Let’s give another example. If you have 1,450 credits after the second “set” of spins and you take out 750, you are enabled to wager the other 700, which makes 28 more spins. If you continue winning, then you must have found a loose slot machine. In this case, applying the Box technique is recommended, so whenever you decide to stop playing, you will be able to take home some winnings.

There is an easier way to determine whether a particular slot machine is worthy of playing, though. You can just play with a small amount of money and you have two options: you will either lose your money or you will start winning. Yet, the first technique is considered more effective by experienced players as it requires them to think of the winning strategy and decide when it is time to stop playing.

Thus, there is a chance to have only a few pennies left and to trigger a bonus game on the last spin. There is something like an unwritten law – always make your final spin with the total amount you have been playing.

Another thing worthy of emphasizing is that the amount you have to set aside to determine which slot machine is loose, depends greatly on the bankroll and most of all, on your stakes. Anyway, the amount of stakes is variable but the technique for playing with a fixed number of spins stays the same.

The easiest thing is to keep investing money into a slot machine that gives back insignificant wins on occasion but this is not going to be too profitable for you.

That is why it is critically important to change the machines you are playing until you find a loose one.

It does not matter which one of the aforementioned strategies you use, you do have to move from one slot machine to another until you find the one that meets your requirements.

really many times i win like 15$ on a machine with only .50 bet and all of a sudden it quits paying out.

MOVE ON the machine will take your money plus that $15 or more you just won.

Think about long run 5 hours or more not the short run .

Think for a whole years of action.

Another thing is to play slowly your not in a race vary your bets up to maybe 5 X the minimum or full amount max but do not always bet max credits you will run though $100 faster than a hot knife through butter.

Been there donr it several times win $150 on a machine now i go more spins betting 3 X the minimum and max 5 minutes later i'm minus $50

10 minutes i have zero credits left.

Then again this is me i have seen others win and keep winning on same machine but if i can watch and count thier spins and add the wins it will show that they found a hot loose machine.

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Box Technique

Before the start of your game session, you have to set your betting limits. In other words, when you reach your upper limit, you have to cash out or continue playing if you are still winning decent payouts and determine a new betting limit.

The lower limit indicates that it is time to stop playing once the number of credits you have reaches the lowest level.

There is not a universal betting-limit strategy. You are free to set your own limits but if you need an expert advice, here it is. According to a great percentage of players, the lower limit should not exceed twice the amount of your initial wager, while the upper limit should be no more than 5 times your first bet.

You are advised to continue playing and increasing your box limits as long as you are getting paid. Cash out your ticket once you reach the lower limit you have set, though. You may find it difficult to quit playing but this is the best strategy unless you want to lose all your winnings.

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Another system when to get out.

Say your starting bank is $300 you lose $200 in 1st hour then bam get it all back plus $100 profit

this equals $500 wagered in action and if you played for 5 hours take it and go home or change games or go to another casino

I have done this mistake 100 times at laest losing almost all get back to a profit wind up losing it all back n go home with zero

Some days it's like bam bam bam winning hundred i cant lose for 5 hours way up $800 to $1000 but i knew after losing back $300

that was it .............went to craps tables 10$ minimum nad won like $500 or more in 2-3 hours wife was pissed having to sit near by while watching me play she went broke after being up $350 betting stupidly.

HEY old timer here learned how to win knew when it was time to quit.

some times go in with $200 broke busted out after 2.5 hours hardly ever got a decent win on any machine $10 each time in win $7 or 10$
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