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Throwing this here since Dota is the only esport I know well enough to bet and I know a few weeks ago some people took my Fnatic pick I made in my cbb thread.  I regret not posting my EG pick a few nights ago who were a big dog to Vp and ended up winning.  I feel as though the books don't take into account that the 2 events in Dota this week aren't DPC events so teams aren't showing all their strats and also feeling out the new patch.

In about an hour or so EG takes on Liquid as a huge underdog with a stand in but the stand in they have for this tournament is probably playing better than their regular mid.  There is way way to much value in taking EG +210 I am seeing right now on my book.  Liquid is a juggernaut team that should win but this isn't grand finals and they've been a little shaky themselves recently to be such a high number like -265.

So I'm on EG +210 I know they can at least bring it to a 3rd game and from there anything can happen cause it Dota.


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