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Molina is 30-7 with 24 KO’s. He is 36 years old and has been KO’d 3 times himself.  This will be his first fight in more than a year and he’s at the end of the road.  He’s actually a real life “Rocky Balboa” as he takes two punches to give one back. He goes down frequently but gets back up.  Very slow of foot and has a weird habit of leaning his head to the right which gives him more leverage with the power in his right hand.  He will give all he has but does not have much left in the tank.  

Figueroa is 29 years old and 27-0-1.  He has 19 KO’s and has faced decent level of competition.  He is a “cave man”  as a fighter.  He constantly moves forward and prefers to put his head on an opponent's chest and wail away to the body and head.  He’s a high volume puncher with excellent head movement and a good uppercut. If an opponent is able to stay on the outside, he absorbs jabs and could easily lose by wide decision.

Prediction:  Pop some popcorn and sit back to is exciting blood filled brawl.  Molina always gives his all and each fighter only knows one way to fight, that's by brawling.  Molina will have a significant height advantage but tends to negate it  by leaning way over. This fight is like putting two betta fish in the same bowl… only one thing happens…their going to fight to the death.  Money has been showing on Molina, what, who’s betting on him?  Go with Molina probably be KO. 

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