the choice of the wedding dress to the decision of the seats

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Witnesses are people you love and who can help you during the preparations, from the choice of the wedding dress to the decision of the seats in the tableau de mariage, until the creation of wedding favors. But most of all they will have to be there that day and sign after you have pronounced your sentences for the promise of marriage, to legally make you husband and wife.
They are mandatory? Since when?
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The wedding witnesses make their first appearance in the documents of the rites of 1500. They served to avoid unpleasant cases such as those of the two lovers who were secretly married and then deny the incident: the witnesses were therefore, first of all, those who could to testify that the promises had been exchanged and that the function had been celebrated.

Today it is obligatory to have at least one witness for each spouse in the civil ceremony, while in the religious ceremony it is claimed that: "Marriages are valid that are held in front of two witnesses, they must be present simultaneously and in person to the consensus of the spouses, to guarantee its publicity "(Article 1108 of the Code of Canon Law). In reality, as we will see later, the parish priest will be able to support some of your requests.

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Practical tasks of witnesses
The witnesses are those who attest that the marriage was celebrated: apart from this, today they are an integral part of marriage because they can come to the aid of the two spouses to help them with the preparations. In fact , precisely because we choose witnesses for the particular bond that binds them to the spouses and the trust they place in these people, they can be entrusted with tasks that lighten the days of the two sweethearts who are literally submerged in commitments during the previous months at the event, but also on the same day.

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