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Eleider Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev - Fight Prediction

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Alvarez is 24-0 with only 12 KO’s.  He’s 34 years old with a lot of “tread still on still the tires”. He’s the consummate boxer with decent power.  He has quick hands and a very good jab as he times his punches well. He has good defense with head movement but little foot movement.  He has a very good chin, and seems to get energized when he catches a good shot.   Is vulnerable to a boxer with a strong right hand.  He's a bleeder as he has been cut 6 times under his left eye. 

Sergey is 32-2-1 with 28 KO’s and has been KO’d twice himself.  He has big power in both hands and likes to play the bully in the ring.  He has a high work rate and uses his power to wear down and take out his opponent. His problem is that he can only fight one way and at one speed.  When he gets hurt, he hasn't been trained to hold and or recover effectively.  He’s now 35 years old and doesn't have a lot of tread on the tires.  His chin is questionable and his “punch resistance” is diminished. When under heavy pressure, he now becomes unglued.      


Kovalev was well ahead in his first fight with Alvarez.  Two judges had him ahead by 4 points and one by 2 points.  In the 7th round, Kovalev was knocked down three times and significantly concussed. I actually thought the loss was the end of the road for Kovalev and he would retire.  I’m not sure why Kovalev is taking this fight; one last big payday or did his management team convince him that he was way ahead and that he can outbox Alvarez for 12 rounds?  I see this fight following a similar pattern: Kovalev does well early as he tries to bully and walk through Alvarez's power; Alvarez counterpunches and is cut under the left eye; Kovalev tires in the middle rounds and is caught and stopped.  Alvarez to win but if you like Kovalev take him by decision.  

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Pretty spot on prediction.  Looks like Kovalev was not putting everything on just one shot, and decided to use his amatuer and pro experience to out box Alvarez, who did not look like a wold champion fighter tbh.  Alavarez has a heck of a chin though and a crazy right hand, But Kovalev played it safe.
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Seems like time travel exist for Horst new_wink_grin

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