her beautiful lace wedding dress to get in the car or while

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One the most exciting moments and immortalized by photographers and guests is the arrival of the bride in the car, when you see her through the window, excited and beautiful with her fresh and impeccable wedding makeup, which comes to the church and falls from the door opened by her accompanying, shifting the train of his wedding dress, between smiles and tears of joy, and greeting the first guests. This moment can not be photographed in a frame to relive when you flip through the wedding album together!
Let's see some ideas to capture the means of transport that you will use at your wedding.
Departure of the spouses from home
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According to the etiquette, the wedding car passes first to take the groom and his family, accompanies them to the church, and then runs to the bride's house, where she will in the meantime be deleting her beauty preparations. At this stage there are many moments to be immortalized, like the bride's exit from home as she heads towards the car , when she lifts the long skirt of her beautiful lace wedding dress to get in the car or while her father opens the door.
Let yourself be resumed at the time of starting up and along the "journey to the altar". If you have planned a procession of cars, communicate it to the photographer who will resume the departure and also an overview during the journey. If you are accompanied by more people in a car take a good group photo.
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Arrival of the spouses at the place of the ceremony
Obviously you can not miss photos of the respective arrivals of the couple in the place of the ceremony, and in particular of the bride, the most anticipated and exciting! A picture of your father will be essential while he opens the door (or he / she who will accompany the bride) to let you get out of the car.

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