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Valentine's dinner for two surf and turf

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This is a great idea for the one whom you wish to be with on Valentine's.  It simple the entire meal is under 50.00 with mondavi white and red wine.

The idea is presentation originated in the theme of valentines day colors  pink ,red and white .

First the food.


A 1.5 pound porter house steak. (It looks like a tone with a larger filet inner loin and the shape of a heart.

A can of oysters 8 ounce.

Stick of butter .

A teaspoon of garlic minced

Med onion diced fine. 6 scallions chopped

Box of strawberries , 

8 ounce bag of semi sweet chocolate morsels.

Some vegetable

A head of lettuce

3 tomatoes a cucumber and croutons, dressing to taste.

Beef bullion cubes two

The appetizer. 

Can of mushrooms. 

Saltine crackers.

Take stick of butter melt is sauce pan add half the onions garlic and oysters with juice to the melted butter. Scalled for 3 min serve in two small bowls with salad fork.

The soup.

Add 32 ounces of water a quart.

And two need bullion cubes and the rest of the onions bring to a boil boil for 13 minutes or until onions lose their crisp taste. Serve in two bowls on a small plate. 

Pint of milk.


Chop lettuce cucumber and tomatoes top with dressing lightly mix lightly rolling salad slowly not to damage the lead a put lettuce should be on top by now on two plates top with small salad tomatoes and cucumbers on the bottom .

The entre. Heat pan with oil to high four a min till oil begins to smoke add steak .dear for.2 minutes flip sear for 2 min flip sear two min flip two min flip this is rare every two min flip med rare med made all well done. Remove steak add a pint of water and a couple tables spoons to water mushrooms. This is your gravy cut out side loin from bone and inside from bone leaving bone and two sides in shape of heart serve to the plates at the table.


Stack two small sauce panfill half full water on bottom top pan place chocolate morsels on top thin with a juice cup of milk


The wine.

Start with the white with the appetizers and switch to the red for the entre. Use differs choices and pour both at that the beginning of the meal.

This meal will take nearly two hours to prep and repair.  And cook time around 20 minutes .

Chocolate covered strawberries and white wine should be chilled for an hour. Add ice by freezing a grape and putting them in the wine like cubes.


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Oysters in a butter sauce.

French onion soup.

Garden salad.

Porter house topped with mush room gravy side of asparagus. 

Chocolate covered srrawberries.

a rose

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