BetDSI Bonus Not Being Honored

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So I made two deposits in September 2018. One for $375, the other for $400. Bonus was a 100 percent bonus with a ridiculous 20x rollover. Fine, didn't think I'd reach it anyway. Surprisingly the bonus' have flourished and now (as of 12/26/18) sit at $2600 and $4100. 

When I asked Betdsi (via chat) to let me know what my remaining rollover number was, I was told - get this - I still need to bet $140,000.00 before they're converted. Yeah 1/10th of a milion dollars on deposits of less than $500. 

I e-mailed them to further explain these crazy calculations - no response.


A heads up to anyone considering Betdsi and I'll warn everyone the entirety of my life. Unfortunete that they wanted to be dicks about it because I was recommending this book all the time.

Betdsi big thumbs down. 


I can't wait to see what happens when I try a withdrawal.


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