NBA Even/Odd Quarters

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First, got to find a book that does Even/Odd bets for the NBA each quarter.

Simple Martingale system for every game.

Each NBA Game first quarter bet total score will be Even for one unit.

Every winner you stop for that game.

Second Quarter two units on Even. Again stop on all games after you win. Continue on to the 3rd quarter only on games you lose.

For the life of me, I can not remember the last game where all four quarters had an odd total.


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Hmmm,  very interesting system... I checked a dozen or so   games think you are onto something here?  The only problem for the life of me I cant find a book that offers wagers on  even/odd quarter bets.   I know a few books offer even/odd  fg totals but can't find one that offers quarters even or odd.  If anyone knows a book that offers this it would be much appreciated.  ty guys and bol!clovermoneybag

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what book do you use? Your prescribed wagers cannot be found anywhere that I'm aware of, that doesn't mean they don't exist, only that I don't see them on any LV boards.  
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arrgy please tell us what book you use.  I think you are onto something here, just cant find a book that offers this  type of wager. 
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Through 921 games:

Q   Even   ODD
Q1  456    465

Q2  468    453

Q3  455    466

Q4  445    476

ALL quarters EVEN  = 67 games

ALL quarters ODD   = 67 games


Interesting.  Will watch this thread.

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