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Strong play Celtics -4

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Last time around the Celtics played at Utah. Utah had clearly circled that game. It was a game against Haywards return. It was a perfect storm for Utah as the Celtics were playing back to back plus travel and it was a tough comeback win the night before at Suns. This time around the Celtics are home. They played back to back but with no travel. Utah played a tough game the night before as well with travel. Utah is playing bad basketball currently with Donnovan Mitchell putting up over 30 shots last night as teams quickly realize they have a tough tune scoring without him. Mitchell is the only man on the team who can penetrate a defense and create his own shot. The problem with that is the Celtics have many bodies that can defend the wing. The Celtics with their heads up will play Utah with their heads down in a revenge game. Celtics got back the Home/Away split with Raptors last night. They will get back this Home/Away split plus extra motivation tonight for Hayward.

Boston -4 550 to win 500. Good luck!

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Celtics playing well, Utah playing like poop - lot of doubt and questioning in that locker room after that Loss to the 76ers. 

Utah and Boston will both be tired after draining games last night -under may be in play - 

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Celtics are a below average team nothing more
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