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I cruise a lot and with that have become Royal Diamond Plus. The cool part about that is now I get MLife Platinum card on a code sharing basis. I have read that the SkyBoxes at MGM are available on a first come first serve basis for Platinum card members, does anyone know if this is true?


I can also stay at any of the MLife properties but (except the nice ones Aria/Bellagio) off the top of my head, I am not aware of any of those other books with nice boxes like MGM. Any ideas here?






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Some friends and I looked into getting a skybox at MGM.

There was a "fee" or minimum food and drink dollar amount.

Being a Higher level most likely is different and expect during

big games, superbowl/ march maddness/ triple crown, they being taken by 

casino hosts for their players or pay a larger fee

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So, just got back from the MGM. I have always looked up at those boxes and dreamed of one day being in them. I flashed my new Platinum card and the key to the kingdom opened. I did not get a private box though but there is a large box in the center that you share with the other wannabees. 

The front row is ok but other than that, you are too far back to really see and there is not a buffet or even free drink service for that matter, just the same cocktail waitress from the floor comes up once an hour or so.

Compared to Westgate and Caesars the TVs are so old in the MGM as to make it unpalatable at best.  

So, I have now sat in the skybox and it was like screwing the prom queen but finding out she is a dead fish.....

Along another note, I will be back 1-5 for a weekend and I am able to get free room at Mandalay Bay and nowhere else, has the shooting brought it down this much? Used to be a pretty good place....
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