1 bitcoin to 16 bitcoins in 12 months....

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Using bettingresource's 3% compounding strategy (you can read here http://www.bettingresource.com/sports-betting-money-management.html) you can turn 1 bitcoin into 16 bitcoin in about 12 months. That strategy doubles the bankrolle very 3 months if you do the same numer of bets as them and hit at the same rate as them. You will need a bitcoin book like nitrogen or others, then simply follow the 3% max bet compounding strategy. You can see how nicely the bankroll grows with in this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSm1yWRXjlPfjr4EX3NPBbHJ2te-KaKkBBKaej_3Pw1V_6Dh6yPD6Me6MoT16lhtsUva84YUTnttn67/pubhtml  in the log you can see all the picks/bets and in the dashboard you can see overall results and in the daily sheet you can see the daily up and down.

I have been using this method with fiat currency over the last 2 years and the net result has been awesome. I only started doing a portfolio with bitcoin this summer, started with 2 bitcoins and now its already at around 4 bitcoin. Problem is that you cannot keep growing due to betting limits. At one point you will have to stop compounding and simply do the linear method. Another thing to note is that if you are doing bitcoin portfolio, the actual fiat value of it can either increase or decrease even if your bitcoin volume increases. For example, if someone had started with 1 bitcoin in the early 2016, they would have 16 bitcoin....and the value of bitcoin also sky rocketed during that year making the earning even lot more in terms of fiat currency since the orginaly bitcoin cost lot less. But it would have worked backwords for those who started in the late 2017 or early 2018 because bitcoin value was at peak and if you started with 1 bitcoi at that time and grew that to about 10 to 16 bitcoins by now, the growth is not so much because value of bitcoin from then to now fell a lot!

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