NHL Handicapping contest

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Welcome to our 5th annual handicapping contest
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1). The entry fee is $100 U.S. Dollars and all winnings will be paid in U.S. Dollars. For Canadians, that amount is approximately $134.00. The top 4 finishers will get paid and the amount will be determined by the number of participants. season long and you also have a great chance at a large payout. The breakdown of prizes are as follows:

1st place 70%

2nd place 20%

3rd place 10%

4th place get their entry fee back. 

2). This contest is open to everyone and is being hosted at covers.com 

There are two ways to pay for your entry: 

 1). Send a Canadian email money transfer to sherwood888@gmail.com for exactly 134.17

Make the password or security answer purple

It doesn’t matter what the question is. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS purple

2) Send a $100 PAYPAL payment to bushay44@yahoo.com so that he receives exactly $100 U.S. Dollars. Make sure you use the option of “sending money to family or friends”. 

3). Once we receive your payment, you will be sent a link to join (you can also copy and paste it into your browser) and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering on the website if you need to.

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Here are the rules:
1). You must make EXACTLY 200 picks, (no more, no less) to qualify for a prize. If you make less than 200 plays, you will not qualify. Once you reach 200 plays, your season is over no matter how long is left in the season.  

2). This contest will deal with LIVE LINES at COVERS and will include sides and totals. The contest will start on Monday, October 8 and end on Monday April 1, which is not the last day of the season so make sure your 200 plays are in by April 1.

PLEASE NOTE: Your name will not appear in the standings until you make at least one play. Once you have made your first play, your name will appear and every wager placed will automatically be for 100 units. 

3). There are no minimum or maximum plays per week, day or month. You need 200 plays and it is up tpo you how to distribute those 200 plays. Pushes will not count as plays. In other words, if you pick a total under or over 6 and it lands on 6, it will not count towards your 200 plays. 

5). If a game is not played within 24 hours of scheduled time or at original venue listed, then selection is not counted.

6). Deadline for each game will be puck drop.

7). In the event of a tie in the standings, prize money will be split evenly between the tied teams. There will be no tie-breakers.

8). Standard Las Vegas rules apply on suspended games and any other situations that aren't covered here.

9). Order of finish will be determined by units won.

10). Plays made the last day of the contest may be hidden to ensure fairness.

11). In the event of the site being down, which is extremely rare but it could happen, you will not be able to make plays until the issue is fixed and site is running again.   

12). Multiple entries are not allowed

13). The standings and all picks will be displayed at all times and will always be accessible at covers.com and at this website here: https://www.sportswagers.ca/fantasy_hockey/ 

One last note is that we are still clarifying rules with the Covers team so there could be a small adjustment in the next day or two and if so, we will clearly post it here. 

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and have a great year. 

We are expecting a prize pool of around $7500.00 or 75 players. 

The great thing about participating is that for a small investment, it keeps you engaged all season long and you also have a great chance at a large payout. 
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Just a question.  I think I am understanding this correctly but just being sure. The only options will be sides and totals only.  No Team Totals, regulation lines, or puck lines.

I will get in but just clarifying.
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Heyo, sent money yesterday, looking forward to it! Just curious when I would receive the login info and will it just be a DM through covers once my e-transfer is confirmed?



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I sent mine as well.  Good luck this year.

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Sunday afternoon and I have nothing yet. Am I missing something here?

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